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3D Robotics RTF X8+ Multicopter 915 MHz (RTFX8915)

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Eligible for FREE Shipping

3D Robotics RTF X8+ Multicopter 915 MHz (RTFX8915)

Drones can be much more than flying cameras. With the X8+ we’ve built a modular and expandable platform that allows you to decide what you can do with it. The X8+ can fly a GoPro, but it has a payload capacity that unlocks options for an array of gimbals and cameras, as well as various sensors and even autonomous delivery of small goods. The reason drones have limitless potential is because our users have limitless potential. With the X8+, we want to give YOU the power to do more.

The first consumer drone that could be called an intelligent tool, a ready-to-fly heavy-duty copter with lifting power that extends payload options to the professional realm.

  • 3DR makes the tough robots that can fly—people can now build on that platform and make of it what they can.
  • Recommended payload 800g, can carry over 1kg with flight time reduction
  • 3PV™ Follow Me
  • Compatible with the 3DR LiveView monitor

3D Robotics RTF X8+ Multicopter 915 MHz (RTFX8915) - Features:

Customizable Payloads

It’s an aerial power drill that you can outfit with different bits: The X8+’s power unlocks options for attaching an array of gimbals, professional cameras and sensors, and means it can generate highly accurate maps and 3D models, collect aerial data in automated and infinitely repeatable flight paths, gather data beyond the visible spectrum, generate point clouds for precision survey, and can even be outfitted with magnets for real delivery potential.

Flight Protection

Redundant and durable design. An innovative motor system for reliability. 3DR’s fully-automated flight control for ease of use and flight protection.

Ruggedized to do Real Work

Robust design for on-site and repeatable real world use. Aluminum frame sturdy enough to take the elements but light enough to maximize aerial mobility.

Portable Power

The frame folds into a compact and easily transportable form perfect for on-site use in areas like mining, construction, search and rescue, agriculture and professional cinematography.

What’s in the box:

  • Controller with live on-screen flight data
  • Flight battery and charger
  • Operation Manual and Flight Checklist
  • Ground station radio with USB and Android adapters


  • Battery: 4S 14.8V 10,000 mAh 10C
  • Battery Dimensions: 6.6 in x 2.6 in x 1.4 in (16.7 cm x 6.5 cm x 3.5 cm)
  • Battery Weight: 803 g
  • Autopilot hardware: Pixhawk v2.4.5
  • Autopilot firmware: ArduCopter 3.2
  • GPS: 3DR u-blox GPS with Compass (LEA-6H module, 5 Hz update)
  • Ground Station Radio: 3DR Radio v2 (915 MHz or 433 MHz)
  • Motors: SunnySky V2216-12 KV800 II (The images above show conical nuts; X8+ ships with hex nuts.)
  • Controller: FlySky FS-TH9X with FrSky telemetry module
  • Frame Type: X
  • Propellers: APC Propeller 11x4.7 SF (4), APC Propeller 11x4.7 SFP (4)
  • Vehicle Dimensions: 13.7 in x 20.1 in x 11.8 in (35 cm x 51 cm x 20 cm)
  • Payload Capacity: 800 g (1.7 lbs). Additional payload possible up to over 1kg with reduced flight time.
  • Vehicle Weight with Battery: 2.56 kg (5.6 lbs)