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3D Systems Cube Pack for Education

SKU: 426126


This educational package from 3D Systems contains the following items:

  • 1 x Cube 3D Printer Gen3 Grey
  • 1 x 9-Month Extended Warranty on Cube 3D Printer
  • 1 x Sense 3D Scanner
  • 10 x Cube 3 Cartridges (ABS or PLA) - Pick Any Colors
  • 3 x Cube Glue for Cube 3D Printer Gen 3 (Single)
  • 1 x Cubify Sculpt Software for Windows

Cube printer

The Cube from 3D Systems is a high quality 3D printer, capable of using two filaments on the same design. This means you can print in two colors, as well as two different materials. The Cube features a 70 micron printing resolution and has a 6"x6"x6" maximum build size. It also works with both ABS and PLA filament, and cartridges are easily replaced by attaching them to holders on the outside of the Cube.

Sense 3D Scanner

The Sense 3D Scanner from 3D Systems is a portable, full color, three-dimensional scanner for quickly and easily creating 3D models of real-world objects. It has a wide scan volume, and also has a convenient working distance of 15 to 60". The Sense 3D Scanner works by using two cameras on the front of the device. One camera is utilized for capturing the shape and size information while the second is solely for color. This helps to create accurate models perfect for 3D printing. This works well with the Sense's full integration with the Cubify Sculpt software and Cubify's website for direct 3D printing from home or through the cloud.

Cubify Sculpt - Shape your ideas in virtual clay

Sculpt equips you with virtual clay to take the intimidation out of making something from nothing. Mold, modify or mash-up an original design or import and adapt an existing model with ease. Sculpt is intuitive, versatile and the ultimate empowerment tool for 3D design.