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Adobe Contribute 6.5 (School License)

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Adobe Contribute 6.5 (School License) - Web Publishing And Website Management Tool

Adobe Contribute 6.5 software is a powerful web publishing and website management tool that integrates authoring, reviewing, and publishing in an easy-to-use WYSIWYG HTML editor. Increase web publishing productivity while simplifying oversight and approval tasks. Contribute 6.5 also includes support for HTML5 and JQuery mobile.

Adobe Contribute 6.5 – Key Features:

  • HTML5 Support. Convert your html doctype to HTML5 to enable it to publish to various mobile devices. Design view support for HTML5
  • True WYSIWYG web authoring. Enable content authors to see the results of their edits and additions instantly with enhanced CSS rendering, without writing code or knowing HTML. Contribute immediately updates edits to XML content and Spry widgets.
  • Collaborative publishing. Establish collaborative workflow processes to author, review, and publish content. Define different review paths at the template level, whether a single approval for an internal web page or multiple sign-offs for a public page.
  • Predefined content types. Create new pages quickly based on existing design templates and page functionality. Set the workflow to hold new pages for review or to have them go live instantly. Set automatic expiration dates for new content.
  • Rich media support. Easily drag and drop images, FLV and SWF files, or PDF documents into your web pages. Contribute automatically uploads the dependent files to the web server when the pages are published in predefined locations.
  • XML editing. Edit site-associated XML content natively, without having to leave Contribute and open an XML editor. Easily update Spry data sets and other pages that render content from dynamic XML-based sites by editing the corresponding XML file.
  • Dynamic website editing. Add content to dynamic websites powered by Movable Type, TypePad, or WordPress. Simply define the Contribute connection with the proper settings, and site content is instantly available for updating.
  • Cross-browser preview. Verify the look and feel of updated pages in multiple browsers. Preview edited pages in any installed browser. Windows users can view three browsers simultaneously with synchronous navigation and crawling for side-by-side comparison.
  • Website and blog publishing. Publish with a single click to a wide variety of websites or blogs. Contribute is the one web authoring tool that supports FTP, SFTP,FTPS (Implicit and Explicit), WebDAV, MetaWeblog, and Atom protocols.
  •  In-browser editing. Allow authors to edit pages directly in a web browser with no need to open another application. The Contribute CS5 in-browser editor supports most browsers, including Firefox 3–3.6 for Windows and Mac OS and Internet Explorer 7 and 8.
  • Simultaneous shared reviews. Enable multiple reviewers to comment on drafts with in-context collaboration tools for faster and more effective web publishing cycles.
  • Spry widget editing. Edit any content contained in a variety of Spry widgets, including data within accordion, tabbed, and collapsible panels. Change properties such as panel transition animation effects.
  • Multiple page search and replace. Use the enhanced search and replace capability to update information on multiple open draft pages. Streamline the update process by performing a previously tedious task in minutes.
  • Subversion support. Roll back pages to previously archived files using the built-in Contribute rollback feature or Subversion software, which is supported by Contribute CS5.
  • Image hotspot support. Create multiple links to different parts of a single image with integrated WYSIWYG hotspot support. Draw one or more hotspots onto any image, and then add alternative text and URLs for immediate interactivity.
  • SWF or FLV embedding. Insert SWF or FLV files, and Contribute creates web standards–compliant code, compatible with that created in Adobe Dreamweaver software. This helps ensure that content is Adobe Flash Player compatible while enabling drag-and-drop authoring in Contribute.
  • Server Side includes file editing. Allow authors to edit Server Side Includes (SSI) files. Authors can choose SSI files from a list, without needing to know the file path. Modify HTML content in the SSI file with Contribute.
  • Text and image enhancements. Create superscript and subscript text directly in Contribute. Rescale, rotate, crop, and sharpen images, and adjust their brightness and contrast. Changes are displayed accurately with enhanced CSS rendering.
  • Inline spelling checker. Reduce typos with the inline spelling checker. Potential errors are flagged as the contributor enters content for on-the-spot correction.

Adobe School Licenses are for sale to K-12 Schools, Community Colleges and Universitites. This is a special license product, and does not include printed boxes and manuals. License is custom-created by Adobe for the end-user -- so the order will take approximately 5 days to process. Customer will receive a license certificate, instructions for downloading installation software, and volume license serial numbers. As this product is a custom license, this product is not returnable.