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Backup Exec 2015 Agent for Applications and Databases

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The Backup Exec Agent for Applications and Databases provides market leading data protection for Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Active Directory, Oracle, Enterprise Vault, and Lotus Domino in a virtual or physical environment. Protection for Microsoft Exchange

Protection for Microsoft SQL Server

Designed to be flexible and easy to use, protection for Microsoft SQL Server provides fast, online protection of SQL Server with flexible recovery options that enable IT administrators to restore SQL Server databases down to the individual file group from a single pass backup. Administrators can also restore SQL server databases to destinations other than where they originated, directing a copy of the actual data streams being sent to media by a SQL Server database to a local directory for later use.

Protection for Microsoft SharePoint

Quickly and easily recover individual objects, documents or the entire SharePoint farm with robust data protection for Microsoft SharePoint. Protection for SharePoint leverages ground-breaking patented Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) which helps users save time and money and reduces complexity by providing the ability to restore individual documents, sites and list items quickly and easily from a single-pass database backup without having to recover the entire database. Each file is recovered with attributes and security fully intact. GRT also enables the IT Administrator to restore the documents to the original document library in the SharePoint farm or redirect the restore of documents to the file system.

Protection for Microsoft Active Directory

Dramatically reduce the time to recover from small disasters of lost, deleted, corrupted or overwritten user accounts, objects, and attributes, helping to improve employee productivity, reduce the potential for greater issues, and alleviate the aggravation associated with traditional Active Directory protection and recovery. Only Backup Exec leverages ground-breaking patented Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) which helps IT Administrators save time and money by giving them the ability to restore critical data such as individual user accounts and organizational units from a single pass backup while Active Directory remains online - no reboots!

Protection for Enterprise Vault

Provides integrated backup protection for Symantec Enterprise Vault archives. Through this agent, Backup Exec provides full application protection for Enterprise Vault directory databases, partitions or vault stores and indexes. All backup and recovery jobs are managed though the Backup Exec Administration console which allows users to easily select some or all of the Enterprise Vault resources they wish to backup as well as quickly browsing and selecting the Enterprise Vault components for recovery, including entire sites, individual partitions, and indexes.

Protection for Lotus Domino Server

Integrates comprehensive data protection of vital Lotus Domino messaging and collaboration databases within daily backup activities. Plus flexible restore options include database redirection and point-in-time "rollback" recovery of databases or transaction logs. Users benefit from user-controlled recycling of the transaction logs, reducing manual intervention and speeding up recovery.

Protection for Oracle on Windows and Linux Servers

Integrated non-disruptive data protection for business-critical Oracle databases. Use advanced features, such as the granular protection of individual table spaces or a complete application/database backup and the protection of archived redo logs and control files, without ever taking them offline.

New License includes 12-Months of Essential Maintenance,

Version Upgrade Licenses are for customers who own previous versions of Symantec Backup Exec on which their maintenance has expired.

Renewal License (12-Month) is for customers wishing to renew the current maintenance on their licenses.