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EastWest FX Global Suite Virtual Instrument (Download)

SKU: 120122


EastWest FX Global Suite Virtual Instrument (Download) is an upgrade for their sample-based engine, one that delivers officially licensed SSL-modeled plug-ins. If you're a fan of the SSL Duende Native Plug-In Suite, then these plug-ins will be suitable for you, as they are identical, giving you emulations of SSL's famed channel-strip and stereo buss compressor, as well as a transient shaper.

Also included in this software is a convolution reverb from EastWest, one that features pre-delay, a blend knob, as well as variable high-/low-pass filters, a mono switch, and 726 reverb presets. This software is meant to be used in conjunction with Play 4 - it cannot be used on its own.

Note: You must have a purchased and registered copy of EastWest Play 4 to run this plug-in bundle

EastWest FX Global Suite Virtual Instrument (Download) - Features:

SSL EQ and Dynamics Channel Strip: This channel strip passes signal through 5 separate sections, including an input stage with gain and polarity-switching), an EQ section (with low-/high-pass filters and parametric cuts/boosts) a compressor, a noise gate/expander, and an output section. This chain can be arranged in eight possible orderings. A sidechain input can feed the compressor and EQ, and the low-/high-pass filters can feed the sidechain.

Transient Shaper: These controls allows you to augment the attack at the start of a drum hit (or any note) by increasing the amplitude of the attack portion of the signal while leaving the decay and sustain of the sound source unchanged.

Stereo Buss Compressor: This SSL compressor has become well regarded in the music industry for its sound and "glue" effect. In effect, this is a stereo version of the center-section stereo compressor found on the XL 9000 K Series console. It gives you control over the dynamic range of audio signals, and provides the je ne sais quoi that SSLs are famous for.

EastWest Convolution Reverb: This Convolution Reverb is an extension of the one in the Player view of Play 4, though it does provide additional features, such as a high-pass and low pass filter set, with 2 handles on the graph for modifying the filters visually; a mono button; and additional reverb environments that are not available on the Player page Reverb.

General Requirements:

  • You must have a registered version of Play 4 to use this plug-in bundle