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Earobics Step 1 MacOS/ Windows

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Earobics Step 1 - The Leading Solution for Explicit, Comprehensive Early Literacy Skill Training

Based on 20 years of literacy research, it systematically teaches the critical phonological awareness, listening and introductory phonics skills required for learning to read and spell. With entertaining characters and encouraging feedback that kids love!

  • Earobics software is the award winning, leading solution for providing explicit, comprehensive phonological awareness and auditory processing training for the prevention and remediation of reading and other language-based disabilities.
  • More than 20 years of research have established that accurate and fluent decoding requires the ability to segment words and syllables into phonemes. This ability to identify and manipulate the individual sounds of language is called phonological awareness.
  • And researchers have concluded that it is the best predictor of success in reading. They have also shown that phonological awareness can be developed, through carefully planned and explicit instruction.
  • While such instruction is beneficial for all learners, it is critical for those at risk for reading disabilities and those learning English as a second language.
  • Earobics is designed to give you an efficient way to provide individualized, explicit instruction that meets the needs of a varied caseload.
  • Earobics is convenient to install and use, with automatic goal writing in IEP format and performance charting.
  • It uses sophisticated computer training techniques, including adaptive training, acoustic enhancement of the speech signal and systematic control of key learning variables.
  • Its adaptive training technology automatically adjusts game play to the skill level and progress of each student.
  • Earobics also systematically controls the amount of visual cueing and auditory feedback, the rate at which sounds are presented, the length of sound units and the amount of background noise competing for the student's attention.
  • The software carefully guides students through learning, giving them more help when they need it and fading cues as their skills develop.

Earobics Step 1 is designed for developmental ages 4-7 and features six interactive games with over 300 levels of play.

It systematically teaches the critical phonological awareness, auditory processing and introductory phonics skills required for learning to read and spell. The games also develop general cognitive skills that support learning, such as attention and memory.

It teaches your child how to:

  • Focus on spoken sounds over extended periods of time and with background noise.
  • Determine whether two or more sounds are the same or different.
  • Remember sounds and words in sequential order.
  • Detect the silent intervals between sounds.
  • Recognize a sequence of sounds.
  • Blend sounds into syllables and syllables into words.
  • Recognize rhyming sound patterns in words.
  • Identify the position of a target sound in a word.
  • Associate a sound with a letter or group of letters.
  • Understand the meanings of words.
  • Follow spoken directions.