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Earobics Step 2 MacOS/ Windows

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Earobics Step 2 Home Edition

Earobics is the leading solution for providing explicit, comprehensive early literacy skill training.

Based on 20 years of literacy research, Earobics software is the leading solution for providing explicit, comprehensive early literacy skill training. It systematically teaches the critical phonological awareness, listening and introductory phonics skills required for learning to read and spell. While such instruction is beneficial for all learners, it is critical for those at risk for reading disabilities and those learning English as a second language. With entertaining characters and encouraging feedback that kids love!


  • Builds phonological awareness and auditory processing skills
  • Automatically adjusts to the appropriate skill level of the user
  • Uses adaptive training and acoustically modified speech
  • Teaches language processing skills for extracting meaning from spoken language and written text
  • Recommended for ages 7 to 10
  • Features five interactive games with over 600 levels of play

Designed for Educators:

Earobics is designed to give you an efficient way to provide individualized, explicit instruction that meets the needs of a varied caseload. Earobics is convenient to install and use, with automatic goal writing in IEP format and performance charting. It uses sophisticated computer training techniques, including adaptive training, acoustic enhancement of the speech signal and systematic control of key learning variables. Its adaptive training technology automatically adjusts game play to the skill level and progress of each student. Earobics also systematically controls the amount of visual cueing and auditory feedback, the rate at which sounds are presented, the length of sound units and the amount of background noise competing for the student's attention. The software carefully guides students through learning, giving them more help when they need it and fading cues as their skills develop.

Management Tools:

Earobics features easy-to-use management tools that give you control of the learning process. Using the Dataview and Preferences screens, you can:

  • Customize each game to the unique needs of each student
  • Limit play to the games that target the student's deficit skills
  • Choose the starting levels of difficulty within each game
  • Determine when skill training should be repeated or skipped
  • Customize auditory repetition and other features
  • Automatically generate IEP-formatted goals for each activity
  • Automatically collect performance data for each student
  • Print each student's progress reports by date or range of dates
  • Use the password option to protect the confidentiality and reliability of data records, while allowing students to work with minimal supervision
  • Remove and add names to the player list, allowing you to extend use of the software's 'seats' over time

It teaches your child how to:

  • Follow increasingly complex directions with and without background noise
  • Remember sounds and words in sequential order
  • Sound out individual sounds in a word
  • Blend sounds into syllables and syllables into words
  • Identify the position of a target sound in a word
  • Add, delete, substitute and rearrange sounds to create new words
  • Recognize a word when a syllable or sound has been omitted
  • Associate a sound with a letter or group of letters
  • Understand the meanings of words
  • Recognize printed syllables and words