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Texas Instruments TI15 Fraction Calculator (10-Pack)

SKU: 736061


Texas Instruments TI15 Calculator Classroom Pack

Teacher kit of (10) TI15 Calculators includes carrying case, teacher guide, poster and transparency.

Combines the fraction capabilities of the Math Explorer with a 2-line display for problem solving, place value and more. Previous entry feature, stacked fraction features, menus, division, place value feature, problem solving feature and 2 constant operations with counters. All Texas Instruments Teacher Kits include: 10 calculators, storage caddy, teacher's guide, overhead transparency and poster.

TI15 Calculator Key features:

  • Simplify fractions to lowest terms automatically or step-by-step
  • Convert improper fractions, fractions, mixed numbers, decimals and percent
  • Perform operations in M-D-A-S order
  • View up to two entries and results simultaneously

Begin building the foundation for future math success

The calculator can display two forms of fractional results simultaneously, allowing students to begin making crucial mathematic connections. Challenge them to manually simplify fractions and mixed numbers in traditional numerator/denominator format or enable the calculator to automatically simplify them or change them to decimal equivalents.

Engage students in self-directed problem solving

Encourage students to explore math on their own with built-in flash cards that challenge their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. Set the flash cards for the appropriate age and type of operation. The flash card functionality gives students hints when a wrong answer is entered and includes an internal scoreboard enabling teachers to check each student’s progress.