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Yamaha Piaggero NPV80 76-Key Ultra Portable Digital Piano

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Yamaha Piaggero NPV80 76-Key Ultra Portable Digital Piano

The Yamaha Piaggero NP-V80 Lightweight Digital Piano is designed to deliver the sound quality demanded by professional piano players, and portability for working musicians, students, instructors, etc. The Piaggero NP-V80 features 76 full-sized keys with Yamaha's Graded Soft Touch keyboard.

The keys are unweighted for the sake of portability (the keyboard weighs a mere 15.64 lbs (7.1 kg)), however sensitivity is adjusted so that the lower keys require a heavier strike, much like an actual piano. In addition the Piaggero NP-V80 features 500 preset voices, built-in reverb and chorus effects, a full accompaniment engine and built-in songs for practicing. Built-in speakers mean there is no need for external amplifiers, and a back-lit LCD display is easily viewed in dimly lit environments.

Touch of Class

  • To recreate the playability of an acoustic piano, Piaggero features Yamaha's own Graded Soft Touch (GST) keyboard, giving keys in the lower octave a heavier touch than those in the upper octaves
  • While this scaled level of resistance is graded for a piano-like response, the keys themselves are not weighted for the sake of portability
  • This brings the NP-V80 in at less than 16 pounds but still provides a touch that all pianists can appreciate


Essential Voices

  • Along with superb grand piano sound, Piaggero features a number of popular instrument Voices, such as organ, strings, and guitar all recorded using Yamaha's AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) stereo sampling technology for amazingly true-to-life sound
  • And for a complete orchestra of sonic options, Piaggero includes XGlite Voices and drum/SFX kits
  • This ensures compatibility with the wealth of Standard-MIDI and XG song files available today

Perform with Style

  • Piaggero NP-V80 boasts over 160 preset Styles - from the basic rock and jazz beats to contemporary electronic rhythms - that follow and backup the performer with dynamically responsive accompaniment
  • Every Style is essentially a backup band of virtual virtuosos ready to follow your lead
  • Piaggero Styles all feature custom intros, variations, and endings giving you total control over your arrangement - go ahead and play a couple of extra verses at the end of your performance - Piaggero can handle it

Piaggero Takes Requests

  • At the touch of a button, Piaggero's Music Database offers pre-set combinations of Styles, Voices, effects and tempos based on the song you'd like to perform
  • Music Database is not a jukebox or playback device - it's a feature that you use to quickly set up the Piaggero so you can play your favorite songs
  • As new songs become popular, Piaggero's Music Database stays with the times because additional titles can be downloaded from the Internet on your PC and transferred via USB - it's the never-ending set list

Playing It Smart

  • Play a chord and the NP-V80's Intelligent Arpeggiator automatically plays the notes with the appropriate feel of the instrument. For example, different types of pianos have different signature "grooves" made famous by artists performing and recording with those keyboards. Acoustic pianos, electric pianos, clavinets, synthesizers - a keyboardist "comps" differently depending on the instrument they're sitting at
  • The Intelligent Arpeggiator matches the appropriate keyboard groove to the current Voice
  • All you have to do is select a Voice and play a chord - Piaggero does the rest and makes you sound like a pro

Note! Power supply sold separately. The NPV80 is compatible with Survival Kit C (power supply and accessory kit).