Airturn Duo 2-Pedal Wireless Page Turner

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The AirTurn DUO features the BT-106 Bluetooth Transceiver which is a multifunction remote with two jacks that support up to four external momentary switches and allows you to control hundreds of compatible apps on a Bluetooth-equipped Mac, PC, iOS, or Android device. The unit can be used to advance pages or slides, scroll lyrics, play media, teleprompt, initiate effects, shoot photos, read books, music, and more. The unit has an internal USB rechargeable battery with a 100-hour life.

The transceiver offers a keypad with six switches. The switches are also used to change the unit's mode and send different characters in each mode. The unit may also be used with up to four momentary footswitches, tongue or bite switches, and in a whole array of environments. The iOS camera and iTunes mode works on all iOS devices.

For hands-free control, the transceiver comes with two mechanism-free ATFS-2 footswitches which use a combination of rare earth metals to close the switch, making them silent and reliable.

  • Sleek. Connects wirelessly to tablets or computers up to 60 feet away via secure Bluetooth technology.

  • Battery. Internal rechargeable battery keeps system operating for up to 100 hours with thousands of recharges

  • Silent. Works with silent mechanism-free triggers for no clicks, squeaks, or distractions.

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