Airturn Manos Universal iPad Mount

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Airturn Manos Universal iPad Mount

Playing a song? Giving a speech? Taking pictures? Put your tablet into place where it can be truly productive with the Manos Mount.

Flexible: The Manos Mount turns your tablet into the perfect music stand, teleprompter, or stationary camera, with the flexibility to turn and twist easily for the perfect angle.

Easy-peasy: The Manos Mount grips your tablet with intuitive fingers and locking arms, and screws onto any standard mic stand. Take that, Rube Goldberg!

Open-minded: No matter what type of iPad or tablet you have, from the latest and greatest to the tried and true, the Manos Mount will firmly grip any model up to 8.5 inches wide and up to 1.25 inches thick. It will even hold smartphones!

Case closed: Did we mention that it will grip tablets up to 1.25 inches thick? That means you can keep your tablet in most protective cases, like an Otterbox or Griffin Defender. No more oyster-shucking your tablet in or out of its clamshell. Keep the case and let the Manos Mount keep your tablet pampered.

Product Dimensions: 13x5x3 inches

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