Airturn PED Handsfree Bluetooth Controller

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Airturn PED Handsfree Bluetooth Controller

Wireless Control Over Bluetooth Smart Ready Devices

From turning pages of digital sheet music to giving slide presentations, you'll appreciate the hands-free convenience offered by the AirTurn PED Bluetooth foot controller. This dual footswitch works with most Bluetooth Smart Ready or BLE devices, and you can quickly toggle the controls to perform different functions. The sensitive touch switches are silent for studio use, and the anti-skid base plate prevents the controller from sliding. When you need hands-free control over your computer applications on stage or in your studio, Sweetwater can recommend the AirTurn PED.

AirTurn PED Bluetooth Smart Ready Foot Controller Features at a Glance:

  • Dual footswitch controller for most Bluetooth Smart Ready or BLE enabled devices
  • Perfect for scrolling documents, changing slides, activating app functions, and more
  • Silent switches with a fast response
  • Anti-skid base prevents it from sliding across the floor or stage
  • Uses one lithium ion battery, spare battery included

The AirTurn PED gives you hands-free control over your apps!

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