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Alesis DM10 Studio Kit Mesh 6-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

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The Alesis DM10 Mesh Kit Six-Piece Electronic Drum Set with Mesh Drum Heads is a six-piece, professional electronic drum set with Dual-zone mesh drum pads and cymbals. This gives the pads a more natural feel making you nearly forget you're playing electronic drums. The rugged support system features a sturdy four-post design providing stability and security for the drum pads.

Quick-release clamps allow each pad to be fully secured on the frame or rearranged within seconds without the use of tools or having to disassemble a thing. Just give the T-bolt a few spins and place the pads wherever you like.

The mesh dual-zone pads feature triple-flanged counter hoops for a realistic acoustic feel. The dual-zone functionality enables you to perform rimshots or assign auxiliary percussion sounds such as wind chimes, cymbals, gongs and cowbells on the rim of the snare or tom pads. The kick pad allows you to use nearly any single or double kick pedal or split the DM10's kick input with a Y-cable and connect an optional second kick pad if you prefer.

The DM10 module features a built-in sequencer, metronome, top-panel mixer and a variety of output options. It also includes play-along performance tracks and over 1,000 uncompressed, sample-based sounds which utilize the Alesis Dynamic Articulation multi-sample technology. This means each sound is a series of multi dynamic-level samples and articulations that change the actual timbre of the sound and not just the volume according to how hard or soft the pads are hit. This is what sets the DM10's sound bank apart from most other electronic drum kits. Also, you can play with or without reverb for different room sounds and access a variety of rimshots and cymbal hits. For example, a hi-hat's sound depends on how open or closed the pedal is, how hard it's hit and other variables which result in forty different sounds - not including foot chick and heel splash.

Not only does the DM10 module deliver super fast, accurate tracking along with a wide dynamic range, large input selection and user-friendly operation it also has some of the most realistic and natural drum sounds available. It contains some of the most in-demand acoustic drums from popular drum brands along with a large selection of top producers' go-to snares. It also comes complete with American, Canadian, Chinese and Turkish cymbal sounds along with a choice selection of classic drum machine and electronic percussion sounds that have accompanied some of the biggest hit records in music history.

Alesis DM10 Studio Kit Mesh 6-Piece Electronic Drum Kit – Key Features:

  • Six piece configuration with four toms, snare, and kick pad
  • Four piece cymbal set
  • Pad clamps feature T-bolts for easy adjustments (no tools required)
  • Over 1,000 uncompressed, sample-based sounds with Dynamic Articulation
  • DM10 high-definition drum module with updated design
  • Works with optional iPad via Apple USB Adaptor