A Convenient Esignature Solution for Businesses: HelloSign

A Convenient Esignature Solution for Businesses: HelloSign

HelloSign is an effortless esignature solution that helps businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations do more with less. eSignatures from HelloSign help organizations transition from paper to digital workflows, offering a better overall experience and making processing more efficient while saving costs. HelloSign offers a variety of features for individual use and for teams, such as: 

  • Easy integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  • Customizable templates
  • Email and phone support
  • FERPA and COPPA are compliant for automated document retention that keeps records safe and accessible.
  • 2-factor authentication for enhanced security
  • Workflow tracking that shows once a document has been opened, signed, or approved. Providing a start to finish the paper trail.
  • Big Cost Savings – From paper reduction and printing costs to reducing the time it takes to get documents signed and received, it is obvious to see just how much time and money you can save with HelloSign!

HelloSign Pricing

HelloSign offers flexible pricing options for schools, non-profits, and small businesses. Focusing on HelloSign’s Enterprise licensing, HelloSign offers HelloSign Enterprise and HelloSign Enterprise Plus. Here are some highlights of HelloSign Pricing

  • HelloSign Enterprise – This is an annual subscription licensed by the number of users, and each user can send an unlimited number of documents for signature. HelloSign offers a dashboard to track the progress of signature requests, allows you to send reminders for signature, and view and customize the branding of all documents. You can also grant and remove access to team members from your account settings. Additional team management tools give you the ability to add, remove, and upgrade team members with ease. You can also spruce up your documents by adding branding logos, taglines, and more! HelloSign Enterprise is priced for Small business, Education, and Non-profit customers; you can find pricing
  • HelloSign Enterprise Plus – Enterprise Plus includes all features listed above plus some additional features most helpful to those sending large volumes of documents for signature. Multi teams, for example, gives the administrator the ability to set up multiple team groups under a single HelloSign account. The admin can manage all teams, each with its own set of users, but the users will not be able to see other team’s information or documents. Enterprise Plus also comes with Bulk Send, allowing you to send out large numbers of requests to different signers at once! Like HelloSign Enterprise, Enterprise Plus is also available to Small businesses, Education and Non-profit customers with pricing based by users and can be found here.

Additional information regarding HelloSign, including licensing, FAQs, and possible discounts, please go to https://www.genesis-technologies.com/products/hellosign-pricing.html