Are Cloud Backups better than External Hard Drives?

Are Cloud Backups better than External Hard Drives?

Hard drive vs cloud

Cloud backup offers protection against these types of disasters because your data is stored in a secondary, offsite location. Keeping data offsite is disaster recovery 101 in the business world, but many people overlook it for personal data. Cloud backup makes moving backup data offsite easy and affordable for anyone.

So, ditch the external drive for backup. Use it for something else! For example, you might back up your movie library to the cloud, while keeping frequently watched files on the external drive. That way, you can free up space on your laptop  or desktop, get disaster protection, and maintain fast access to large files. Or worse, you might misplace the drive altogether losing all of your backup data.

Cloud backup providers, like Carbonite, offer secure data protection with pricing that makes sense. To learn more about Carbonite’s cloud backup options, check out the Carbonite Safe page of our website.

You can find more info on our Non-Profit Carbonite prices here.