How Yamaha Reinvented the Stage Keyboard with the Yamaha YC61

How Yamaha Reinvented the Stage Keyboard with the Yamaha YC61

Yamaha Digital Piano can be your choice of instrument if you want something that combines classic organ sound in an impactful way. Read more!

This Yamaha Digital Piano puts your favorite classic organ sounds in one powerful, compact stage keyboard. Yamaha YC61 61-Key Organ Focused Stage Keyboard models three organ vintages - just out of the box, well-traveled and character-rich vintage. Need more? Go under the hood to adjust key click, leakage, rotary speaker speed and more to get the one-of-a-kind organ tone you've been searching for.

Yamaha Digital Pianos have been around for the last 100 years and it shows with the way they innovate. With a totally redesigned waterfall keyboard and the perfect action, the Yamaha YC61 61-Key Organ Focused Stage Keyboard feels the way an authentic organ was meant to feel. It’s no wonder more players reach for Yamaha keyboards than any other.

The all-new Waterfall keyboard on the Yamaha YC61 61-Key Organ Focused Stage Keyboard is the result of painstaking traditional organ keyboards research refined with feedback from top keyboard artists. The result is an authentic keyboard action designed to accommodate organ technique and expressive acoustic and electric pianos, synth leads, brass sections and more.

The Yamaha YC61 isn’t just designed to be played. It’s made to be bumped, jostled, scratched, crammed in a van, stuffed in an overhead bin and adored by players and fans, gig after gig. In short, Yamaha Digital Pianos are built to last, like the company that stands behind it.

The nine drawbars on the YC61 have the footages and ratcheting you expect in an organ. But there’s more to our drawbars than meets the eye. See-through drawbar stops with customizable LED light color make it easy to see differences between simulated upper and lower configurations and play in split mode. It’s like having a virtual set of drawbars to give you more sounds, more flexibility and more choices than you ever thought possible in a compact stage keyboard.

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