Switch to Adobe Sign for Business for the Utmost Efficiency

Switch to Adobe Sign for Business for the Utmost Efficiency

Electronic signatures are fast becoming the norm in the corporate world. A growing number of businesses are choosing to go paperless, ditching traditional pen-and-ink workflows in favor of digital alternatives. Electronic signatures sit at the heart of paperless workflows. That’s why their use has increased dramatically over the last several years. With Adobe Sign for Business, you now can send documents for e-signature directly from Acrobat Reader desktop. Millions of small businesses now have access to e-signature capabilities that are powerful enough for the enterprise, and hundreds of millions of Acrobat Reader users have a new set of winning solutions.

If you’re thinking about using e-signatures in your organization, the seven proven benefits outlined below should be enough to push you over the line. 

  1. eSignatures cut down on costs

In a study commissioned by Adobe, 61% of managers said that using e-signatures cut down on document-related costs. The best solution Adobe has to offer currently is Adobe Sign for Business!

  1. Faster document processing time

The number of hours that e-signatures can cut from document turnaround times is truly staggering. According to one study, the average document processing time was slashed from five days to 37 minutes after the introduction of e-signatures.

  1. Fewer document errors

Companies and individuals usually use contract management apps to apply electronic signatures to documents. These apps, of which Adobe Sign for Business is an example, provide numerous additional benefits, particularly when it comes to reducing the number of errors in contracts, proposals, invoices, and so on.

  1. Greater customer loyalty

E-signatures don’t just improve internal company processes. They also have a positive effect on customer experience, boosting satisfaction and loyalty. Businesses that use e-signatures tend to have a higher Net Promoter Score. 

E-signatures offer a range of benefits to clients in addition to streamlining the signing process and removing the office printer from the picture. Furthermore, the additional security of e-signatures reassures clients that contracts won’t be lost or misplaced.

  1. Increase in approvals

Notably, e-signatures also speed up internal approvals. It can take days to prepare a signed document that requires hand-signatures from several different people in an organization before it can be sent out. E-signatures instantly solve this problem.

  1. Positive return on investment (ROI)

In a published study by AIIM, 81% of respondents said that they saw a positive return on investment within twelve months of adopting e-signature software. A quarter of those asked said they saw a payback from e-signature solutions within three months. 

  1. Higher levels of security

Not only are e-signatures fully legally enforceable, but they’re often more secure than handwritten signatures. Because e-signatures are usually accompanied by a digital audit trail, made up of emails, signing certificates, stored copies of contracts, and so on.

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