Swivl Robotic Cameraman - The Complete Video Collaboration Solution

Swivl Robotic Cameraman - The Complete Video Collaboration Solution

What Is Swivl? Swivl Camera is a robotic camera mount that can capture video and speech while seamlessly tracking the movement of the presenter. Use the Swivl app for Android and iOS to record and upload a video to your Swivl account. From the app you can watch, make notes, and share with groups for feedback.

Swivl for K-12 Classroom Environments

Swivl Robotic Camera was designed specifically with classrooms in mind to make it easy to record and share with others to get important feedback and support. Teachers can record themselves or the students and can then review the video to add notes at specific moments. You can also switch between multiple audio channels to listen to individual students or groups. Swivl Camera’s ability to follow the teacher’s movement throughout the classroom makes recording lectures a breeze and is a valuable tool for remote learning

Swivl Support

Swivl offers a dedicated success team to help get users started, and support specialists are available to help solve any issues as they arise. Swivl also offers multiple how-to videos and webinars directly from their site.

To learn more about Swivl, please go to https://www.genesis-technologies.com/swivl-camera