Yamaha's New Beginner Digital Piano has Lighted Keys

Yamaha's New Beginner Digital Piano has Lighted Keys

Yamaha's new beginner piano model, the YAMAHA EZ-300 61-KEY PORTABLE KEYBOARD WITH LIGHTED KEYS, includes a new feature that revolutions teaching piano to beginners. This is a revolutionary addition to the Yamaha Digital Piano line up. The keys light up when you play them, so it is easy to know which key is pressed. The first thing to learn with piano is finger placement and having to light up keys makes that a much easier process for children and beginners. The piano also includes a lesson feature, so the keys will light up, showing you which ones to press to play a favorite song. 

Just play the lighted keys and get beautiful music—naturally and effortlessly. It's easy to get started and have fun practicing and playing. And if you want to improve your skills, practice at your own pace with the three Lesson functions. Work on the right and left-hand parts separately, and even break the song up into separate sections for repeated practice. The lighting keys guide you throughout, helping you enjoy playing—even if you don't read music. This is the first time a Yamaha Digital Piano has included such a handy feature.

The EZ-300 includes 202 built-in Songs that the whole family will enjoy. With popular hits and famous songs that you've heard and want to play on the piano—from pop songs, children's songs, classics, and more. You can have fun playing along with the song or simply listen to it playing automatically. Easily connect your computer to your Yamaha Digital Piano with a USB cord to add even more of your favorites. 

This Yamaha Digital Piano can mimic the sounds of other pianos and instruments. The YAMAHA EZ-300 61-KEY PORTABLE KEYBOARD WITH LIGHTED KEYS features a total of 622 built-in instrument sounds (called Voices). Included with these are special "Live" Voices, which feature actual recorded samples from a grand piano, strings, and brass. You can play a huge variety of authentic musical instruments and perform with an amazingly full sound - all with a single keyboard. In addition, the Touch Response function lets you expressively control the loudness by how strongly or softly you play the keys—helping you become familiar with the music as you express yourself, all while having fun with the Auto Accompaniment functions and various effects. 

Yamaha keyboards are famous for their ultra-realistic instrument Voices, from pianos to organs to strings, brass, percussion, guitars, synthesizers, and more. In the YAMAHA EZ-300 61-KEY PORTABLE KEYBOARD WITH LIGHTED KEYS, exclusive SuperArticulation Light Voices add gestures used by experienced players — such as guitar string harmonics or pizzicato plucks on a violin — to enhance authenticity even more. The diverse Accompaniment Styles, which put a virtual backing band at the user's fingertips, are complemented by the Smart Chord function. This allows the playing of one-finger chords perfectly matched to the chosen Style and musical key.

"Between the light-up keyboard, built-in pop songs, and Keys to Success lesson mode, even extreme beginners can get to playing some really cool music very quickly," says Ben Harrison, marketing manager, Digital Pianos, and Portable Keyboards, Yamaha Corporation of America. "Add touch-sensitive keys, drag-and-drop song support, a huge variety of accompaniment Styles and instrument Voices, and other exciting features, and the YAMAHA EZ-300 61-KEY PORTABLE KEYBOARD WITH LIGHTED KEYS becomes a great choice for anyone learning to play as well as for more creative musical adventures."

The YAMAHA EZ-300 61-KEY PORTABLE KEYBOARD WITH LIGHTED KEYS is really hard to find right now and may not be in stock until summer 2021, but when it does become available, it is sure to sell out quick. Genesis Technologies Inc is an Authorized Yamaha Reseller. We offer great prices and often bundle in free bonuses and accessories to sweeten the deal for all our Yamaha customers. Contact us for more information on Yamaha Digital Pianos.