Adobe Creative Cloud For Non-Profit Organizations

March 22, 2024
Adobe Creative Cloud for Non-Profit Organizations
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Adobe understands that Non-Profit organizations need to get the most out of every dollar, and that is why Adobe offers their full line of software at a discounted rate for Non-Profits. This means that any 501(c)3 organizations (Churches, Charities, Museums, etc.) can purchase Adobe Creative Cloud Non-Profit licenses.

With Adobe Creative Cloud Non-Profit licenses, Non-Profit organizations are able to save big on popular software titles like Adobe Acrobat, Creative Cloud, Captivate, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop & many more!

For most Non-Profit organizations, staff in the media or communication departments tend to utilize three main components of the All Apps license. Below are the top four Adobe applications used within Non-Profit organizations today!

Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud for Non-Profit

This is probably one of the most recognizable pieces of Adobe’s all app suite. The flagship product allows users to edit photos on nearly every granular aspect. Adjust lighting, brightness, contrast, etc. You also can add your creative spin on anything through Adobe’s array of photo-editing applications.

Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud for Non-Profit

Create inserts, flyers, or pamphlets with this super easy tool! If you are familiar with Microsoft Publisher, you can take your skills a step further with InDesign! There are tons of templates available, so creating is a breeze! You can find hours of tutorials available for free on places like YouTube—so there is nothing getting in between you and your ultimate design goals!

Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud for Non-Profit

If you are a large church looking to edit video, then look no further than Adobe’s top-tier video editing suite: Premiere Pro. This is a studio-level application that allows for a wide range of video editing capabilities. Capture a larger audience by showcasing your sermons, virtual broadcasts, or remote events!

Adobe Audition Creative Cloud for Non-Profit

Testing..testing..1..2..3. This is a tool used for sound engineers! With its user-friendly interface, Audition takes the pain out of audio editing. So if you record lectures, sermons, podcasts, etc.—this is the application to use!

There are plenty of other applications available within the full Adobe Creative Cloud Non-Profit suite. A few others worth listing are Adobe Illustrator (goes hand-in-hand with

Photoshop), Adobe After Effects (meant for special effects for video—works well with Premiere Pro), and Adobe Acrobat (pretty much everyone these days needs to edit PDF documents).

If your Non-Profit Organization is considering adding Adobe to its toolbelt, please do not hesitate to contact us.Genesis Technologies Inc has been serving the Non-Profit community for more than 20 years and has a Gold level partnership with Adobe. Our partnership ensures that Non-Profit organizations can realize the largest discounts available that Adobe has to offer.

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