Everything To Know About Adobe Sign For Non-Profit Organizations

March 22, 2024
Everything to Know About Adobe Sign for Non-Profit Organizations
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With the recent transition to a large work-from-home workforce, employees at Non-Profit organizations are really feeling the remote aspect of their day-to-day workflow. The importance of ink and paper has dwindled, and now the transition to electronic-everything has begun! Most notable in this regard is electronic signatures. The rise in e-sign solutions boomed in 2020, and Non-Profits are taking care to onboard the most cost-effective way to handle their e-signature dilemma—with Adobe Non-Profit Sign licenses.

Non-Profits can now leverage the powerful Sign variants provided by Adobe. Get Sign through Acrobat, Named-User licenses, or Transaction licenses. The license structure flexibility ensures non-profits can choose the best option for their outfit.

Acrobat comes as a cloud subscription and gives you a limited feature set for 150 Sign transactions.

The Named-User licenses come in two flavors (Business and Enterprise). The differences are extensive, so if you have any questions about these options, please let us know! In short, they are annual licenses tied to a user, and each license will give you 150 signature transactions.

The transaction licenses are paid upfront, and you are only limited by how much you pay for. This requires a little bit of upfront consideration, as you realize the greatest discount by purchasing in bulk. If you are able to safely guesstimate your signature transaction count, then this is a fantastic option.

What is a “Transaction”?

A transaction is a document sent from your account for signature. Adobe Sign individual and small business plans include 150 transactions per user per year.

Adobe Non-Profit Sign licenses provide organizations with the flexibility they need to operate throughout all peaks and valleys throughout the year. When purchasing Sign licenses, Adobe will license the Non-Profit rather than the end-user. This ensures that the licenses always stay within the organization. If a staff member who is using the license leaves, then the Non-Profit administrator will be able to retain the license and re-allocate it to another user at any time!

So what can Non-Profits achieve with Adobe’s Sign options? Below are just a few examples of how Adobe Non-Profit Sign licensing can help with the day-to-day activities for nearly any organization, of any size, any time!

  • Create simple e-signatures in a wide array of supporting documents
  • PDF & E-Signatures in a single application
  • Enhanced security over electronic documents
  • Achieve legal compliance
  • And much more!

If your Non-Profit Organization is considering adding Adobe Sign to its toolbelt, please do not hesitate to contact us. Genesis-Technologies has been serving the Non-Profit community for more than 20 years and has a Gold level partnership with Adobe. Our partnership ensures that Non-Profit organizations can realize the largest discounts available that Adobe has to offer.

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