Boardshare System with Camera and IR Pen

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The Boardshare BC8000 transforms any hard surface or LED/LCD TV display into a virtual whiteboard. BoardShare is a portable and interactive technology tool that allows users to create their own personalized digital whiteboard experience. By inviting users to draw, annotate or even surf the internet together, it can turn any space into a collaborative workstation. You can create multiple pages of drawings and documents using an array of tools, including virtual pens and erasers. Work can be saved to your computer and digitally shared with others.

Boardshare can also access files directly from your computer or the web. Conferencing tools allow remote teams to interact in real-time. Boardshare is the perfect tool to Create, Capture, Collaborate and Share.


  • BoardShare enables you to extend control of your PC onto any wall surface, when using a projector or TV.
  • The stylus has an ergonomic design to maximize fit and comfort, so you can write as if you are using a pen.
  • Select pen actions from the palette software tablet such as colors, thicknesses, highlights or erase.
  • Toggle between making annotations over existing content such as web pages and slides or select a blank white board to create fresh new ideas. You can continue to add multiple pages to the white board.
  • Take a quick snap shot to save your notes while you continue working. Access your saved files to share.
  • Take advantage of existing Microsoft's annotation capabilities in available MS PowerPoint .


  • Save your notes in usable file formats such as PDF and JPEG.
  • Print your ideas directly from the board.
  • Email your files to share.


  • BoardShare enhances your web conferencing session by enabling interactivity so you can collaborate with remote teams
  • When using web conferencing tools such as GotoMeeting, or LiveMeeting you can enable remote teams to participate in your meeting, so they can edit or change the content being presented.

BoardShare comes with several components, including software, a camera device and a stylus that enables the whiteboard digital technology. To get it started, just connect the camera to a computer and any display technology. This can be a projector - if using a projector screen to display the digital whiteboard - or an LCD screen. Once it's plugged in, place the camera in front of the screen to make sure it is ready to see and calibrate the display surface. BoardShare will enables you to control your computer remotely from the displayed surface.

BoardShare is for anyone who uses a projector or an LCD screen for meetings, presentations or other work needs. Transform any surface into a digital board, the interactive software can help any working professional to:

  • Present to a group on a large screen surface
  • Collaborate or brainstorm with others
  • Promote teamwork in the office
  • Capture notes and comments directly on a presentation
  • Navigate and control a computer from a display screen
  • Save white board work directly to a computer
  • Prevent the risk of losing meeting notes
  • Email or print work that was created in a meeting
  • Minimalize the need for meeting handouts
  • Collaborate remotely with team members in other offices

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