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Boris Continuum Complete 9 for Sony Vegas Pro Academic for Windows

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Boris Continuum Complete 9 for Sony Vegas Pro Academic for Windows

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Boris Continuum Complete 9 OFX from Boris FX is a comprehensive VFX and compositing plug-in suite designed for Sony Vegas Pro users with Windows-based computers for academic applications. Boris Continuum Complete 9 OFX includes over 200 filters, among them are 3D particle effects, image restoration and touchup tools, 3D lens flares and volumetric lighting effects, keys and mattes, extrusions, color grading tools, time-based effects, blurs, glows, and cinematic effects such as film glow, film grain, and film process looks. All filters take advantage of either multi-processing or OpenGL graphics hardware acceleration for better real-time performance. In addition to the plugins, over 2,500 presets are included free for you to use or modify as you see fit. Presets you've created can be exported for sharing with other users. Presets can be shared with matching BCC installations on any host application in which BCC is installed.

Introduced in Boris Continuum Complete 9 OFX

FX Browser

A newly designed VFX browsing system consists of a separate custom window with features such as drag and drop, resizable sub-panes, saved custom workspaces, multi-resolution previews, or the mini timeline that provide much needed control when browsing the large library of presets that comes standard with BCC. When in the FX Browser, you have access to full video clips from the host application, not just a poster image of the current frame. You can further trim that clip to preview the effect over a shorter duration with the special trim handles of the mini-timeline. A split view similar to the BCC-native Split View feature provides a quick comparison against the unfiltered image, while built-in Preview to RAM allows looping over the chosen segment with time accurate speed. Keyboard shortcuts or mouse clicks allow you to quickly navigate among hundreds of pre-installed preset thumbnails. Also, it tracks your browsing history and graphically displays it in a special History Panel. The real power of the FX Browser comes in its standalone version where you can view presets from multiple filters or even entire categories of filters.


BCC 9 includes over 20 just introduced transitions such as glow dissolves, geometric wipes, and flutter cuts. Also, unique overlay adjustment curves let you customize the timing and strength of transitions without making a single keyframe.

Image Restoration

Along with the previously included UpRez, Noise reduction, and other image restoration tools there are two newly added options. Magic Sharp is very effective for bringing back the original sharpness of the image lost due to fast motion, depth of field or shooting conditions such as underwater videography. Lens Correction will restore images suffering from the barrel distortion of a wide-angle lens.

Film Style

Just added to the existing array of film emulation filters are the BCC Two Strip Color and BCC Vignette tools. BCC Two Strip Color emulates the historical Technicolor two-strip process where the color film effect is achieved by shooting and tinting two separate layers of film, which are then glued together for final theatrical release. The end result is an easily recognizable color look of early Hollywood productions, sometimes recreated on purpose in modern cinematography. Although this look can be achieved with a combination of simpler filters such as color, brightness, saturation, etc., the Two Strip Color tool uses the precise mathematical color formulae corresponding to the physical film process. BCC Vignette takes vignette creation much further, emulating the true peripheral defocusing of a physical camera lens, thus creating a much more convincing look with fewer steps.

Compositing Group

Chromakey Studio provides masking tools to quickly draw a junk mask, smooth uneven backing, paint around the edges with a choking tool, pull a perfect matte, color correct, and light-wrap the foreground object all in one streamlined interface, optimized for power and performance.

Stylize Group

BCC Grunge and Edge Grunge have been added to the already existing stylizing options. BCC Grunge will let you quickly pull that ragged grungy look on text and logos or help with a natural organic treatment on backgrounds and textures. It starts with a collection of pre-installed high-quality base textures with an option for adding your own custom texture. The studio-type filter with options for bumps, erosions, shake, flicker, scratches, orbs, dust, scanlines, spotlight, vignette, chromatic aberration, noise, grain, blur, and glow, as well as a built-in displacement option for adding roughness to alpha edges. BCC Edge Grunge is based on a special edge erosion algorithm for even more stylistic variety in text design.

Perspective Group

This release brings further enhancements to the BCC Pan and Zoom tool by adding 3D rotation, motion blur, crop, and vignette features. Also, the Magic Sharp option with its image scaling algorithm will further improve your image quality. And, the fully automated A-B workflow allows you to create Ken Burns effects without keyframes.

Lights Group

BCC Laser Beam is handy for creating light beams for animation. Smoke or fog effects are built-in for more realistic looks.

GPU Acceleration

To the existing Open GL methods, BCC 9 added new Open CL and CUDA acceleration techniques. Specially redesigned Fast Lens Blur and Fast Film Glow filters in BCC 9 render at least 2X faster than the software multi-threaded counterparts.

General Features:

3D Objects

The Boris Continuum 3D Objects Unit features five powerful visual effects filters to create 3D objects using text and shapes. The Extruded Text filter allows you to create 3D text elements and use the AE native camera and lighting system to generate fly-throughs or to animate the viewer around the generated 3D text models. Extruded EPS provides an way to import and extrude Adobe Illustrator layered vector logos and graphics in Adobe After Effects. With Type-On Text, you will be able to create animated text type-ons that fly in from behind or toward the camera or slide into view from the top, left, bottom, or right of the screen either letter-by-letter, word-by-word, or line-by-line. Extruded Spline generates and extrudes shapes from any AE-generated mask shape or shapes using the built-in AE pen path tool, as well as imported vector art from Adobe Illustrator. Layer Deformer generates useful 3D shapes such as planes, cubes, spheres, and cylinders and deforms these 3D objects using built-in vertex and pixel shaders.

Art Looks

The Boris Continuum Art Looks Unit includes a selection of art-style filters such as Cartoon Look, Pencil Sketch, Watercolor, and Halftone, with each filter giving a distinct artistic bent to the image. Whether you are going for the graphic novel look, or if you would like your image to resemble a living watercolor painting, this Unit has it all. Each filter includes customizable preset looks and styles that will help "jump start" your creativity and save you from time-consuming tasks such as hand-painting and rotoscoping.

Blur Sharpen

The Blur Sharpen Unit adds a collection of blur and sharpen filters to your image processing arsenal. These plug-ins emulate a lens blur defocus/rack focus effect where out-of-focus highlights of a video clip take on the shape of the lens diaphragm. The Z-Blur option allows editors to achieve a stylized depth-of-field look where a certain area of a clip remains sharp and clear while the remaining area is slightly out-of-focus. And Unsharp Mask brings detail back to an already-soft image that you may have thought you lost forever. Each filter is multi-processor accelerated for fast performance

Color Tone

The Color and Tone Unit provides color grading tools as well as videoscope monitoring to ensure that your colors are safe. BCC 3-Way Color Grade lets you independently adjust the bright, mid, and dark region of a clip via built-in color spheres which are not only easy to use but offer real-time results. The filter also includes a built-in power mask with two sets of controls - one for outside the mask and one for inside the mask - and built-in motion trackers can automatically reposition the mask to follow an object such as a person's face. BCC Correct Selected Color filter is a dedicated secondary color corrector with color isolation tools. The other Color and Tone filters offer control over the whole look of the image such as the Tritone filter which tints/tones an image while maintaining the luma levels

File Style

The Boris Continuum Film Style Unit includes 8 "film-like" filters that help you achieve the warm organic look that you see when watching classic movie channels. Create classic looks such as Day for Night, Sepia, or Technicolor. Simulate aged or damaged film. Add film glow, match grain from film stock, and access many other cinematic looks. BCC Film Glow creates the soft feel of exposed film; make your highlights bloom and shadows spread out as you experiment with your own unique looks. Other Film Style filters allow you to emulate the common grain found in Kodak film stock or lift grain from one clip to another

Image Restoration

The Boris Continuum Image Restoration Unit includes powerful filters for smoothing and softening image clips, removing flicker, repairing dead pixels, and removing aliasing or "jaggies" from images. BCC Smooth Tone is an "electronic makeup" tool for saving shots with skin blemishes or substandard makeup while preserving sharpness and full image detail. With BCC Flicker Fixer, BCC Pixel Fixer, and BCC DV Fixer, you can fix flicker and auto-iris issues, remove damaged pixels or dust, and eliminate jaggies and compression artifacts from DV footage. BCC Motion Key is the ultimate in "clean plate"-generating tools, removing moving objects from static shots. With BCC UpRez, scaling from SD to HD, HD to 2K, or even 2K to 4K for conformity to your project's standard is possible. BCC Noise Reduction smoothes out noise from camera images without losing detail. BCC Wire Remover helps with removing rigging and staging wires from a shot

Key and Blend

The Boris Continuum Key and Blend Unit automates the creation of precise keys with a minimal amount of adjustment. These filters strip away the complexity of chroma keying by automating matting, edge softening and refinement, and light wrapping and reflections to produce seamless composites

3D Lens Flares, Glitters, and Volumetric Lighting VFX

Tap BCC Stage Light to simulate production lights, projectors, or stage lighting where your viewer can see light beams emanating from powerful light sources. Instantly recreate an atmosphere of a stage performance, a night scene, or a rock club. Or simply add light beams to the headlights of a car. Offering integration with After Effects' camera and lighting system, BCC Lens Flare 3D simulates a lens flare - streaks and spots of light on film caused by light bouncing inside a camera lens. Composite the lens flare over a source image or generate a completely synthetic image. Create cinematic looks, stylish broadcast design elements, and beautiful transitions. Make your video sparkle with BCC Glitter, BCC Glare, and BCC Glint and produce stunning volumetric lighting effects with the BCC Rays filters

Match Move

The Boris Continuum Match Move Unit includes three powerful, specialized filters that enable you to recover motion data from a clip - without resorting to a separate application - and then use that data in creative and interesting ways. With the Corner Pin effect, editors can track a moving bus with an advertisement on its side, and replace the ad with one they create. The Match Move effect can track the movement of one image clip to another - for example, a crane-up shot matched to that of a locked down camera. Witness Protection allows you to track the motion of an object in a media file. You see this effect in TV shows such as "America's Most Wanted" where potential witnesses or minors have their faces blurred


Enhance your compositions with organic design elements such as organic strands of matter and glowing plasma, build complex designs of 2D images in 3D space, and create a 3D "pin board" look based on a layer image. Offering full After Effects camera and light system integration, your creations can be tweaked to match the rest of your 3D composition

3D Shape Generators and 3D Perspective Control for 2D Images

The Boris Continuum Perspective Unit allows you to create smooth, professional animations with BCC Pan and Zoom or shatter your video into 3D shards with 3D Image Shatter effects. This Unit also provides many handy 3D shapes such as spheres or cylinders to manipulate your 2D images in a 3D space. You will find tools for a range of editing tasks as well as page turns and fast mirroring of images


The Boris Continuum Stylize Unit includes popular VFX such as Damaged TV where the picture is affected just like a TV that has seen better days and LED where the image is broken up into points just like an LED sign. There are also surreal effects such as Colorize Glow and Emboss to give your video a quirky look


The Boris Continuum Textures Unit enables the generation of realistic textures such as Steel Plates, Bricks, Clouds, Granite, Wooden Planks, and Rock. The textures are procedurally-generated to ensure smooth render at any scale. Each filter provides a variety of animation parameters including controls for the color, width, height, and other aspects of the material. Many of the filters let you add 3D detail to the material surface and include lighting controls. Apply the materials as realistic surfaces or use them as animated organic backgrounds. Each filter includes presets that make using the materials a simple point and click operation


From Optical Flow retiming effects to Beat Reactor's automated, audio-based keyframe generation, the Boris Continuum Time Unit provides a number of creative options for editors and compositors. Beat Reactor gives you fast, precise, and flexible ways to use audio to influence the animation of visual effects parameters in Adobe After Effects compositions - resulting in dynamic, high-energy effects that are tightly integrated into compositions. Optical Flow gives true optical quality to slow-motion or speed ramps

Auto-Animating Film-Style Transitions and Wipes

The Boris Continuum Transitions Unit gives you access to a variety of wipes and organic transitions such as swish pan or lens blur dissolves. Achieve perfect transition timing with the use of a handy on-screen animation graph for ease in and ease out of the transition

Morph, Warp, Twist, and Distort

The Boris Continuum Warp Unit allows artists to generate real-time static or animated image warps, animated image morphs between a pair of still images, and animated video morphs from video clips like in the popular Michael Jackson music video "Black or White." Fun-house mirror effects can be created with Bulge while you can distort an image based on the luma values of a second image with Displacement Map. Generate auto-animating transitions with turbulence and animated waves of water across an image with Wave

System Requirements

  • Compatible with 64-bit versions of Sony Vegas Pro.
  • Approved for Vegas Pro 12 and 13.