Casio Prizm FXCG10 Color Graphic Calculator

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Casio Prizm FXCG10 Color Graphic Calculator

The Casio PRIZM is revolutionary among graphing calculators with features that enhance users’ understanding of mathematics. With conventional graphing calculators, students learn by inputting equations to create graphs. PRIZM creates a whole new way to learn math by enabling students to experiment by creating their own graphs over pictures of real-life scenes, and then understand the functions from the graphs that they created on their own.

High-resolution color LCD with full textbook-style display

The color LCD offers full textbook-style display with the highest pixel resolution (82,944 dots) and widest color reproduction (65,536 colors) of any calculator. PRIZM comes with high-resolution fonts up to 18x24 dots (including blank dots), to enable equations and text to be displayed just like they appear in textbooks. The Blanview LCD delivers superior visibility and low power consumption, enabling color display with an estimated run time of 140 hours on four AAA-size alkaline batteries.

Picture Plot enables learning from real-life pictures

Picture Plot enables users to create their own graphs over pictures displayed on the color LCD. PRIZM comes with 55 types of color pictures that users can create graphs over, such as a picture of the parabola of jets from a water fountain and an image sequence of a clock’s pendulum movement. Users can perform regression calculations from the completed graphs to enhance their understanding of math functions. 

Multitude of functions that leverage the color LCD

Colors can be added to a multitude of graphing objects including dotted lines, circles, and bars, as well as grid lines on graphs, labels of coordinate axes, and coordinate values displayed during tracing. The Color Link function links the colors used in graphs to the designated values in the spreadsheet screen, to aid the visual comprehension of trends and changes in values. PRIZM automatically color-codes brackets when entering equations with multiple brackets, as a visual aid to facilitate the entry of complex equations. 

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