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Check Point Harmony Mobile with Harmony Endpoint Protection Complete 1-Year Subscription License

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Checkpoint Harmony Mobile with Harmony Endpoint Protection Advanced 1-Year Subscription License

This bundles includes Harmony Endpoint Advanced and Harmony Mobile for complete protection.

Checkpoint Harmony Mobile:

Mobile security is a top concern for every company these days — and for a good reason. In the new normal, your remote workers increasingly access corporate data from their mobile devices, and that means you’re exposed to data breaches more than ever.

Checkpoint Harmony Mobile is the market-leading Mobile Threat Defense solution. It keeps your corporate data safe by securing employees’ mobile devices across all attack vectors: apps, network, and OS. Designed to reduce admins’ overhead and increase user adoption, it perfectly fits into your existing mobile environment, deploys and scales quickly, and protects devices without impacting user experience nor privacy.

Checkpoint Harmony Mobile’s unique network security infrastructure – On-device Network Protection – allows businesses to stay ahead of emerging threats by extending Check Point’s industry-leading network security technologies to mobile devices.

Harmony Mobile offers a broad range of network security capabilities, including:

  • Anti-Phishing with Zero-Phishing: Blocks phishing attacks across all apps, both from known and unknown zero-day phishing sites, and sites that use SSL
  • Safe Browsing: Blocks access to malicious sites from any web browser, leveraging the dynamic security intelligence provided by Check Point ThreatCloud™
  • Conditional Access: Blocks infected devices from accessing corporate applications and data, independent of UEM solutions
  • Anti-Bot: Detects bot-infected devices and automatically blocks communication to command-and-control servers
  • URL Filtering: Mark websites as “blocked” or “allowed”, preventing access on any browser to websites deemed inappropriate by an organization’s corporate policies
  • Protected DNS: Allows administrator to manage and control all mobile device’s DNS preferences. The service protects end-users’ privacy and prevents MiTM attacks & DNS Spoofing of plain text DNS messages.
  • Wi-Fi Network Security: Detects malicious network behavior and Man-in-the-Middle attacks, and automatically disables connections to malicious networks.

For more information on Checkpoint Harmony Mobile, download the datasheet here.

Checkpoint Harmony Endpoint Protection Complete

Checkpoint Harmony Endpoint is a complete endpoint security solution built to protect the remote workforce from today’s complex threat landscape. It prevents the most imminent threats to the endpoint such as ransomware, phishing, or drive-by malware, while quickly minimizing breach impact with autonomous detection and response. This way, your organization gets all the endpoint protection it needs, at the quality it deserves, in a single, efficient, and cost-effective solution.

Block malware coming from web browsing or email attachments before it reaches the endpoint, without impacting user productivity. Every file received via email or downloaded by a user through a web browser is sent to the Threat Emulation sandbox to inspect for malware. Files can also be sanitized using a Threat Extraction process (Content Disarm & Reconstruction technology) to deliver safe and cleaned content in milliseconds.

Prevent credential theft with Zero-Phishing® technology that identifies and blocks the use of phishing sites in real-time. Sites are inspected and if found malicious, the user is blocked from entering credentials. Zero-phishing® even protects against previously unknown phishing sites and corporate credential re-use.

Checkpoint Harmony Endpoint Protection Complete - Features included:

  • Web Protection (malicious sites/URL Filtering)
  • Anti-Ransomware
  • Anti-Bot
  • Anti-Exploit
  • NGAV
  • Anti-Virus
  • Forensic collection and automated reports
  • Data Protection
  • Threat Hunting
  • Sandbox Emulation and Extraction (CDR)
  • Endpoint Access Control Features:
  • Endpoint Firewall
  • Application Control
  • Port Protection
  • Endpoint Compliance
  • Remote Access VPN
  • Host and Media Encryption

For more information, download the Checkpoint Harmony Endpoint datasheet here.

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