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Datacolor Spyder5Express (S5X100)

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Eligible for FREE Shipping
Eligible for FREE Shipping

Datacolor Spyder5 Express is the easy and fast color accuracy solution for monitors, specially designed for the hobbyist photographer in you, to help you see share and print pictures just as you've intended them. With this simple and user-friendly tool, you can now break free from the hassle of figuring out why the colors on screen don't match your prints. Spyder 5 Express creates a unique color profile for your monitor so you can see the true colors of your photographs. Say goodbye to time wasted on manually correcting the pre-set settings without success. With just minutes spent every month to calibrate your monitor, you can confidently edit and improve the shadow and highlight details of your photos for better print matching. Now you have more time to spend on things that matter to you, like capturing and sharing memorable moments.

Why Calibrate?

  • Monitors display colors differently. Monitors don't come color calibrated and their colors shift over time.

  • You can't depend on your eyes. You can't trust your eyes to adjust your monitor correctly. Factors such as fatigue and time of day effect how your eyes see color.

  • Image colors are not true to life. Often your photos don't look right on your monitor- skin tones are off, whites aren't pure, blues look cyan.

  • Unnecessary editing time. If your monitor isn't displaying your photo's true colors, you will waste unnecessary time editing .

  • Prints don't match your monitor. With an un-calibrated monitor, the colors in your printed photos won't match what you see on screen.

Datacolor Spyder5 Express: Key Features:

For hobbyist photographers seeking the easiest color accuracy solution possible.

  • See, share and print your images just as you intended with confidence

  • Break free from the hassle of figuring out why your captured images look different on screen, and why the colors on screen don't match your prints

  • In just minutes, the simple 4-step process guides you through calibrating your monitor to achieve exceptional color accuracy, with improved shadow and highlight details, for better print matching

  • See the "Before and After" results after calibration on pre-set images

  • Spyder5Express calibrates all of your laptop and desktop monitors

  • Next Generation Spyder5 is compact and portable with a built-in lens cap, and guarantees color accuracy with the industry's only patented 7-detector optical engine

What's in the Box:

  • Spyder5 Colorimeter

  • Welcome Card with software download link and warranty registration

  • Software Serial Number

  • Eco-friendly reusable storage box

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7 32/64, Windows 8.0, 8.1 32/64

  • Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10

  • Monitor resolution 1280768 or greater, 16-bit video card (24 bit recommended), 1GB of available RAM, 500 MB of available hard disk

  • Internet connection for software download

  • USB port