EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Gold Virtual Instrument (Download)

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EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Gold Virtual Instrument (Download)

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EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Gold Virtual Instrument (Download) is a sampled orchestral collection originally captured in a "state of the art" concert hall. Recorded by eleven-time Grammy-nominated classical recording engineer Prof. Keith O. Johnson, the virtual instrument features strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion.

The Gold Complete version includes 16-bit samples of all the instruments. It also only includes the samples captured from the stage microphone (conductor's position).

EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Gold Virtual Instrument (Download) - New Features:

  • 64-bit with 32-bit compatibility (see system specifications)
  • Mac Intel compatible
  • Intuitive custom interface
  • Intelligent Performance section including Portamento, Repetition, Legato, Round Robin Reset
  • Improved articulation window and controls
  • Convolution Reverb with pre-delay and additional Master control to route reverb to all instruments in an instance
  • Convolution includes the hall that the orchestra was recorded in for additional control of hall ambience
  • Intelligent release trail engine that follows the note-on sample's volume at all times, so release trails always match
  • Release trails unaffected by mod-wheel crossfade programs, radical mod-wheel movements do not degrade release trails
  • Recall custom key-switches instantly
  • Key-switch sizes now unlimited
  • Improved sound quality with high-resolution audio engine
  • Hi fidelity one-pole filter for natural crossfades
  • Stereo image editing now possible using channel sourcing
  • Completely re-programmed for PLAY from the original recordings

EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Gold Virtual Instrument (Download) - Articulations:

  • Forget browsing through complicated patch names - pick the instrument and play
  • Turn on/off articulations as you wish
  • Articulations list also serves as reference for all expressions within the instrument (no need to look up key-switches in charts)
  • Save your favorite configuration for quick retrieval

PLAY Advanced Sample Engine

  • 64-bit (with 32-bit compatibility) Advanced Sample Engine (plug-in or standalone)
  • 64-bit support allows you to load many more instruments and voices, limited only by your system RAM (32-bit support is included also)
  • Single microphone position
  • No need to buy additional software
  • The PLAY system is a professional, fully integrated solution for those with the most demanding production requirements
  • Interface designed to eliminate clutter, including only the controls needed for each individual virtual instrument
  • All instruments are listed in one easy-to-use browser
  • Favorites section to group the instruments you use most
  • Preview your instrument of choice in an easy-to-use column viewer
  • Load instruments into one instance to take advantage of your sequencer's "instrument tracks", or many if you so desire
  • Interface automatically changes to display current instrument
  • PLAY senses legato and repetitive playing and responds accordingly
  • Allows the user to manipulate stereo samples in very useful ways
  • Stereo Swap allows the user to instantly swap the left and right channels
  • Mono from left, mono from right, or mono sum allow for instant conversion from stereo to mono
  • Highest quality re-sampling engine
  • Powerful effects engine built from the ground up for the highest possible quality
  • Reverb section includes multiple impulse responses from halls, and the famous EastWest Studios and live chambers
  • Smooth filters
  • Easily authorize purchased instruments using the industry-standard iLok security system

System Requirements:


  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 2.1 GHz or higher (PPC not supported)
  • OS X 10.7 or higher
  • For plug-in use, host software that supports AAX Native, Audio Units, or VST plug-in formats


  • Intel Core 2 Duo, or AMD Dual Core, 2.1 GHz or higher
  • Windows 7 or later
  • Sound card with ASIO drivers
  • For plug-in use, host software that supports AAX Native or VST plug-in


  • 8 GB RAM (16 GB RAM or more recommended)
  • 33 GB free hard drive space (for full load)
  • 7200 rpm or faster (non-energy-saving) hard drive for sample streaming (SSD recommended)
  • iLok account for electronic license or iLok copy protection key (not included)
  • Internet connection required for one-time product activation
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