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eMedia Teach Yourself Acoustic Guitar Pack (Steel String, Colored Box)

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Everything you need to start playing the guitar, including guitar, accessories, the best-selling eMedia Guitar Method v5 CD-ROM and a bonus Essential Guitar DVD!

The eMedia Teach Yourself Acoustic Guitar Pack comes with a quality 40” full-size steel-string acoustic guitar with a spruce top and a rosewood fingerboard. It is well constructed, durable and very playable. This is a guitar any level player will appreciate for years to come. A gig bag, guitar strap, pick and an extra set of strings are included along with the instructional CD-ROM and DVD.

What makes this pack so valuable is that it comes with a complete learning solution for young and old. eMedia Guitar Method v5 is the latest version of the world's best-selling, beginning guitar CD-ROM! 182 comprehensive, full-screen lessons cover everything from the basics to chord strumming, playing melodies, and fingerpicking. New interactive feedback on melodies and interactive quizzes help make learning tablature and music notation easy. The method covers folk, blues, classical and rock styles, including a modern rock chapter with various strumming styles, movable power chords and power chord riffs. Lessons include over 50, large-format videos from instructor Kevin Garry, Ph.D., with split-screens and close-ups of both hands.

Learning guitar is made fun with over 70 songs, including famous hits from artists such as Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead, and Steve Miller. Songs are recorded live and hits even have multi-track, full band accompaniment. As the songs play, an animated fretboard guides you through the fingerings, and MIDI tracks allow you to slow down and loop parts of the music for practice. This latest version offers fully scalable lesson screens with an option for full-screen video and interactive feedback for melodies. The Note Tracker shows you what note you’re playing and Instant Feedback tracks your progress through the melody as you play. eMedia Guitar Method v5 is the ultimate way to learn how to play guitar!

eMedia Guitar Method v5 features songs in a variety of genres to make learning fun and memorable. It includes dynamic, multi-track audio playback of hit songs popularized by well-known artists, such as:

  • “Knockin' on Heaven's Door” by Bob Dylan
  • “Little Red Rooster” made famous by the Rolling Stones
  • “Rock N' Me” by Steve Miller Band
  • “Downtown Train” by Tom Waits, made famous by Rod Stewart
  • “Uncle John's Band” by The Grateful Dead
  • “Scarborough Fair” made famous by Simon & Garfunkel
  • “House of the Rising Sun” made famous by the Animals
  • “La Bamba” made famous by Ritchie Valens and Los Lobos
  • “Midnight Special” made famous by Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • "Ode to Joy," "Minuet," and "Greensleeves" are some of the other popular tunes.

Built-in Essential Software Tools Include:

Automatic Tuner

Tune your guitar quickly and easily. Just play into your computer's microphone and immediately get feedback to see if you're too high or too low. Full audio reference notes also provided.

Chord Dictionary

Includes fingering charts and recorded sounds for over 250 chords. Easy access helps you learn songs with new chords quickly. An indispensable reference tool!

Animated Fretboard

Displays fingering positions as the music plays. Also shows fingering for any chord or note you double-click. Features right-handed, left-handed and mirror views and comes with six different skins including Rickenbacker, Strat, Gretsch and ’59 Les Paul.

Digital Metronome

The eMedia Teach Yourself Acoustic Guitar Pack Deluxe comes with everything you need to learn to play guitar. You get one of the best beginner acoustic guitars available, featuring a neck that plays easy, a cutaway body to make it easier to reach high frets, and a full, resonant sound that makes you love playing. Plus, you get both award-winning eMedia Guitar Method and eMedia Intermediate Guitar Method guitar lesson software to take you from beginning guitar student to confident player. You even get guitar accessories such as a strap, strings, and picks! Learn how to play the guitar the easy way with interactive, guitar lesson software that listens to you play and teaches you over 150 included songs across a multitude of styles. Learn hits made famous by Bob Dylan, Steve Miller, the Rolling Stones, and others. As a bonus, you get the eMedia Essential Acoustic Guitar DVD that can be used in any DVD player for times when you are away from a computer.

eMedia Guitar Method and eMedia Intermediate Guitar Method software let you learn at your own pace and include over 350 easy-to-follow, comprehensive lessons authored and demonstrated by professional guitarist and teacher Kevin Garry, Ph.D. Lessons include over 80 videos to illustrate proper technique and guide you through how to tune a guitar, and play simple guitar chords, guitar basics, and more! Continue on to learn how to read guitar TABs (tablature) and guitar notes (music notation). All beginner guitar topics are covered in eMedia Guitar Method. Then eMedia Intermediate Guitar Method takes your playing to the next level with lessons covering scales, jazz guitar chords, basic guitar theory, and soloing concepts. eMedia technologies such as Interactive Feedback, interactive notation, and built-in accessories such as a tuner and metronome make learning easy and fun! Learn songs as you master techniques with the over 150 included songs that cover a multitude of styles and include hits made famous by Bob Dylan, Steve Miller, the Rolling Stones, and others.

Features include:

• A beautiful Sequoia steel-string, cutaway acoustic guitar with solid spruce top, full-size (40”) body, and rosewood fingerboard.

• A deluxe, padded, nylon gig bag with backpack straps and zipper pouch.

• Guitar strap

• Extra set of strings

• Guitar pick

• eMedia Guitar Method CD-ROM with over 180 guitar lessons!

• eMedia Intermediate Guitar Method CD-ROM with over 170 guitar lessons!

• Bonus eMedia Essential Acoustic Guitar interactive guitar lesson DVD!

Interactive Feedback Listens to Your Playing

Instant Feedback shows you when you play the correct notes on your guitar as you progress through an exercise. With a microphone connected to your computer and a guitar in your hand, play the notes in the exercise (or song) on any screen featuring the “ear” icon in the upper right corner and the computer will highlight the notes for you in green. You’ll discover that reading tablature and music notation is easier than you ever thought possible!

Note and Finger Tracker

The Note Tracker and Finger Tracker tools makes it easier to see what note you’re playing by displaying the note as music notation and on eMedia’s Animated Fretboard. You’ll be able to correct your playing quickly and learn to read music fast!

Flash Card Quizzes

After you’ve been prepped with exercises designed to teach you to read tablature and notation, try the interactive flash card quizzes to reinforce what you have learned. Flash Quizzes in Guitar Method utilize our Pitch Tracking technology to detect notes played on your acoustic guitar!

Over 350 Step-by-Step Guitar Lessons

The easy-to-follow lessons start with the basics, such as stringing the guitar, and move to playing simple chords and strumming styles, including modern rock strumming and power chords. They continue on with reading tablature, playing melodies, fingerpicking, and standard music notation. The intermediate volume moves on with additional techniques in exciting solos, barre chords, fingerstyle guitar, scales, and improvisation. Your teacher is professional guitarist Kevin Garry, Ph.D., from the University of Colorado at Boulder. The excellent teaching he offers will get you playing quickly!


eMedia Guitar Method and eMedia Intermediate Guitar Method feature songs in a variety of genres to make learning fun and memorable – including Rock, Blues, Folk, Country, and Classical! Highlighting of the music and lyrics as they’re heard makes it easy to follow along on guitar. Learn hit songs such as:

• "Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door" (Bob Dylan)

• "Spoonful" (Eric Clapton/The Rolling Stones)

• "Time in a Bottle" (Jim Croce)

• "All Along the Watchtower" (Bob Dylan/Jimi Hendrix)

• "Drive On" (Johnny Cash)

• "Little Red Rooster" (Rolling Stones/The Doors)

• "Rock’n Me" and "Jet Airliner" (The Steve Miller Band)

• "Dreamboat Annie" (Heart)

• "Downtown Train" (Rod Stewart/Tom Waits)

• "Uncle John’s Band" (The Grateful Dead)

Also included are popular songs such as “Scarborough Fair,” “La Bamba,” “Midnight Special,” “Ode to Joy,” “Minuet,” “Greensleeves,” “House of the Rising Sun,” and many others.

Over 80 Guitar Lesson Videos

Professional guitar instructor Kevin Garry, Ph.D., guides you in over 80 videos with demonstrations of techniques – now larger, with enhanced quality! Many videos include split-screen displays with close-ups for a clearer perspective.

Music Notation Display Options

Learn songs and exercises using guitar tablature or standard music notation through this useful option.

Highlight and Loop Song Sections

Highlight and repeat any section of music to make learning easier.

Variable-Speed Playback

Slow music down with variable-speed MIDI tracks to play music slower to make it easier to see, hear, and learn.

Animated Fretboard

The Animated Fretboard displays fingering positions on the screen in real time as music notes are played. It’s the easy way to see and learn tricky guitar techniques like string bends and vibrato.

Scale Directory

Fingerings, recordings, and variable-speed MIDI for over 150 scales make practicing and learning new scales easy. When scales are introduced in lessons, they are followed by songs using those scales to make learning practical and fun.

Music Theory

An interactive Circle of Fifths helps teach music theory and is linked to scales in the Scale Directory chapter in Intermediate Guitar Method. Intervals, chord construction, the basics of improvisation, and modes are also covered.

Automatic Tuner

Tune your guitar quickly and easily. A precision gauge allows you to play into your computer’s microphone and tune up interactively. Reference guitar tuning notes are also included.

Chord Dictionary

With fingering charts and recorded playback for over 1000 chords, it’s easy to find new chords for songs quickly.

Digital Metronome

Set your own speed and keep a steady beat.

Digital Recorder

Save your recordings and play back to share and compare.

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Mac OS X 10.5 or later

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