Ergotron YES Basic Charge Cart YESBASGMPW4

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Ergotron YES Basic Charge Cart YESBASGMPW4 is economical, durable and flexible. Charge, store and transport up to 36 mini-laptops and tablets with screen sizes up to 13"—and some up to 14". Ships configured for 36 devices. Larger devices may fit this cart too: Just set the cart’s bay width and shelf height for your requirements. One size fits all! Mix and match Chromebooks, MacBooks and Surface Pros with iPads, e-Readers and hand-helds. It’s completely up to you.

A simple power management system safely charges all your devices and sends a single cord to the wall. The heavy-duty steel construction provides durability and security.

Ergotron YES Basic Charge Cart YESBASGMPW4 – Key Features:

Built with Anthro-DNA™

  • The 30-year legacy of Anthro Corporation lives on in its world-class factory, award-winning designs and market-leading personal customer service
  • This cart is Built with Anthro-DNA, signifying quality American-made manufacturing and technology leadership

One Size Fits All

  • Fits ALL shapes and sizes with screens up to 13"—and some up to 14"—when configured to hold 30 to 36 devices
  • Reconfigure the cart’s shelves and slots to hold 24 larger devices with screens up to 15.6" in size. See more specifications below for details †
  • Pop-N-Go Bays are so easy to adjust; simply pop them out of place and position them at any width in 1/3" increments
  • Simple shelf adjustment lets you position the Lift-N-Set Shelves at any height in 2/3" increments and store your devices in landscape or portrait orientation, depending on size and the position of the power inlet and on/off button
  • Perfect for Chromebooks™, netbooks, Surface Pro and MacBook Air®

Space-Saving Footprint

  • This economical charge cart’s footprint is just 23" x 23" (59 x 59 cm)
  • It’s also easy to steer, thanks to its wide handle and 4" locking casters

Stretch Your Budget

  • This innovative cart is budget-friendly, especially when you factor in its flexibility
  • You can use it for years and years, even if you switch devices—and the fact that it comes with a Lifetime Warranty

IT Friendly

  • A spacious locking IT area in back keeps cables and power adapters protected and secure
  • The power outlets face straight back so they're easy to reach

Easy to Move

  • This innovative cart has heavy-duty 4" locking casters so it moves smoothly over rough surfaces
  • It’s easy to steer thanks to two directional lock casters and a dual-grip handle

Reliable Power Management

  • A built-in timer system alternates power from one side of the cart to the other to manage power draw
  • All onboard devices get charged using just one power cord to the wall


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