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Filemaker Pro 15 Advanced

SKU: 301106


FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced helps you quickly create custom apps that are tailored for your business. This downloadable software program provides you with the tools to build apps designed for managing inventory, contacts, content, and other database uses. To create apps quickly, it comes with four basic starter solutions. These custom apps can be deployed utilizing FileMaker Go for iOS devices and WebDirect, which runs on a web browser.

FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced comes with new features such as undoing scripts, concealing edit boxes, and supporting additional external ODBC data sources. FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced includes all of the functions of FileMaker Pro 15, plus a set of advanced development and customization tools. Additional features include script debugger that pinpoints problem areas in scripts and script triggers as well as Database Encryption, which enables AES 256-bit encryption to protect the data on a FileMaker client or on FileMaker Server.

FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced lets you import your existing data from .CSV, Tab, XML, ODBC, and Microsoft Excel files to build your database quickly. Once you have your data, FileMaker Pro provides you with tools to automate typical business tasks and create scripts for streamlining your workload. You can also generate reports and colorful charts with a few clicks. Furthermore, the purchase of this product provides you with a retail box that will contain a license key as well as link for downloading FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced.

FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced Features

  • Script Debugger. Instantly pinpoint problem areas in scripts and Script Triggers directly in the Script Workspace. Turn off Script Triggers when debugging to fine tune the troubleshooting process
  • Data Viewer. Monitor fields, variables, and calculations while troubleshooting
  • Multiple Table Import. Build or modify apps faster by importing multiple tables at once
  • Enable Database Encryption. Enable AES 256-bit encryption with FileMaker Pro Advanced to protect data on a FileMaker client or on FileMaker Server
  • Custom Menus. Create, change, or delete specific menu items or entire menu sets
  • Custom Functions. Build your own functions and copy, paste, or import them into any FileMaker file
  • Database Design Report. Run comprehensive reports on all elements of your database schema
  • Kiosk Maker. Build applications where all menus are hidden
  • External Function Plug-in API. Build more robust calculations and extend app capabilities

New in FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced

  • In-Product Updates. Receive in-product notifications as well as instantly download and install the latest updates for FileMaker Pro right from within the product
  • Undo Scripting. Instantly recover your scripting work with multiple undos. Now you can undo and redo your work as many times as needed. Changes aren't finalized until you both save and exit the Script Workspace
  • Highlighted Script Errors. Red highlighted text helps you easily identify problem areas in the Script Workspace. This feature is useful when importing scripts from other FileMaker apps or for more complex apps with multiple scripts
  • ESS Adapter. Connect to even more External SQL Data Sources including PostgreSQL and IBM DB2 using the ESS Adapter
  • Basic Starter Solutions. Choose from 4 new basic Starter Solutions to help create your first custom app. Start managing contacts, inventory, content, and tasks right away
  • Web-Based Help. Get faster results when searching for the FileMaker Pro information you're looking for using the new web-based Help. Plus, you can even download Help and use it offline
  • Updated User Interface. The redesigned icons in the status toolbar in FileMaker Pro keep your custom apps looking fresh
  • Concealed Edit Box. Hide sensitive information, such as passwords or credit card numbers from being displayed on a screen. Data is masked with a "•" symbol
  • Proactive Security Warnings. Within the FileMaker Platform, warning notifications appear when connecting to a host or website that has an invalid security certificate
  • Portal In-Line Progress Bar. Continue to use your app while filtering and sorting data. The progress bar indicates when the process is complete.

System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems Supported: Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise; Windows 8.1 Standard and Pro; Windows 7 SP1 Pro and Ultimate; OS X El Capitan 10.11 and Yosemite 10.10
  • Hardware Requirements Minimum: Windows: 1 GHz or faster x86- or x64-bit processor and 1 GB of RAM
  • Hardware Requirements Minimum: Mac: 2 GB of RAM
  • Hardware Requirements Recommended: Windows: 1 GHz or faster x86- or x64-bit processor and 2 GB of RAM
  • Hardware Requirements Recommended: Mac: 4 GB of RAM