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Garritan Classic Pipe Organ

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Garritan Classic Pipe Organ Virtual Instrument

Offering six different historic pipe organs and 75 different stops. This collection is the first to offer a variety of different pipe organs, each unique and representative of a specific school of organ building – from early Baroque to Classical, Renaissance, Romantic, and the Modern eras.

Garritan Classic Pipe Organ – Features:

  • Six different pipe organs spanning various eras of organ building. Garritan Classic Pipe Organs is the only library of its kind to offer a choice of six different historic pipe organ that span more than four hundred years. Baroque, Classical, Renaissance, Romantic, and two Modern pipe organs are represented in this collection. You can play music from the early music repertoire, Bach, lush romantic music, or post-modern music.
  • 75 stops and combinations. There are are seventy-five different stops/combinations in this collection.
  • Powerful mixing and ensembles. Stops from different organs can be mixed freely allowing you to build your organ sound the way you want. Ensemble files provide an easy way to load preset mixtures and combinations of stops that are ready to use.
  • New convolution sampled reverb. Place your pipe organ in a cathedral, a small chapel, a variety of concert halls, or other acoustic spaces. Convolution Sampled Reverb takes sampled pipe organ instruments to new heights of realism.
  • Release decay technology. Special phase-aligned release triggers supply the characteristic pressure drop of the actual end of each organ note. The release samples retain all of the sound of the pressure drop while removing the room decay. This provides the flexibility to apply any decay characteristic or reverb and is wonderfully paired with the new convolution sampled reverb.
  • Integrated controls. Swell, Blower Noise, Tremulant, Chiff Noise, Stereo Stage Microphone Configuration, and EQ all are available. Scala file support also allows you to play in the various temperaments of earlier historic eras. Crescendo pedal instruments to emulate pedal functions commonly found on medium and larger sized pipe organs.
  • ARIA advanced instrument engine. The Garritan Classic Pipe Organs library is proudly powered by the ARIA Player. Formats include Standalone, Plug-in Audio Unit, VST, & RTAS. As well as seamless integration with notation programs such as Finale. No need to purchase a separate sampler. Garritan Classic Pipe Organs also features Conexant’s Endless Wave technology for hard disc streaming of multiple stops and ranks.
  • MIDI playback and recording features. The standalone ARIA Player allows you to load and playback MIDI files. You can also produce audio recordings of a MIDI file or record playing live!
  • Suited for every organist and musician. This collection brings the power and majesty of the pipe organ into your studio, place of worship, rehearsal room, or home, at a fraction of the cost, and takes up far less room. Composers can use this collection for inspiration to capture creative ideas and sketch organ arrangements quickly. Hobbyists can use it for adding organ sounds to their tracks. Beginners, organ enthusiasts, and music students can use it to learn, study, and practice organ music at home. The organs in this collection can also be used to supplement Garritan Personal Orchestra and other libraries.

Garritan Classic Pipe Organ - List of organ stops:

  • RENAISSANCE PIPE ORGAN: Diapason 8’, Stopped Flutes 8’ 4’, Quintadena 8’ 4’, Renaissance 8’ 4’, Pleno Combination, Ripieno Combination, Bass Combination, Blokwerk Stop, Renaissance Organ Blower Noise
  • BAROQUE PIPE ORGAN: Flauto Octava 4’ 2’, Principal 4’, Copula Major 8’, Forte Combination, Plenum plus Reed, Ripieno Combination, Baroque Organ Blower Noise
  • CLASSICAL PIPE ORGAN (Late Baroque): Flute 8’, Strings 8’ 4’, Forte 8’ 4’ 2’, Principal 8’, Quintadena 8’, Pleno Combination, Forte Pedal, Pleno Pedal, Classical Organ Blower Noise
  • ROMANTIC PIPE ORGAN: Clarinet 8’, Gamba 8’, Harmonic Flute 1 8’, Harmonic Flute 2 8’, Fortissimo 8’, Forte Combination, Pianissimo Combination, Strings Combination, Tutti Combination, Romantic Organ Blower Noise
  • MODERN PIPE ORGAN 1: Nasat 2 2-3’, Koppelflote 4’, Flutes 8’ 4’ 1’, Crumhorn 8’, Gemshorn 8’, Prinzipal 8’, Baroque Plenum plus Reed, Baroque Plenum, Brustwerk All Stops, Hauptwerk Tutti, Hauptwerk Mixture, Scharf IV, Symphonic Plenum, Dulzian 16’, Pedal Rauschpfeife IV, Pedal Trompette 8’ 4’, Baroque Plenum plus Reed Pedal, Baroque Plenum Pedal, Posaune Pedal 32’, Modern 1 Blower Noise
  • MODERN PIPE ORGAN 2: Clarion 4’, Octave 4’, Quintadena 4’, Spitzflote 4’, Rohr Schalmei 4’, Clarinet 8’, Gemshorn 8’, Vox Humana 8’, Principal 8’, Trompete en Chamade 8’, Trompete 8’, Cornet IV, Flute Harmonique, Great Mixture IV, Contre Trompette 16’, Pedal Choral Bass 4’, Pedal Mixture IV, Pedal Nachthorn 8’ 4’, Pedal Octave 8’, Pedal Trompette 8’, Pedal Bourdon 16’, Pedal Fagotto 16’, Pedal Principal 16’, Pedal Contre Bourdon 32’, Pedal Contre Fagotto 32’, Modern Organ 2 Blower Noise

Garritan Classic Pipe Organ – System Requirements:

Running Garritan Classic Pipe Organs is dependent on the speed of your computer. The faster the processor the better.

  • Core 2 Duo CPU or better recommended
  • 1 GB minimum, 2 GB RAM recommended to play complex stop combinations. There is a direct correlation between the number of stops that can be loaded and the amount of available RAM.
  • 3 GB of free hard drive space
  • Hard drive speed of at least 7200 RPM preferred (5400 will work for fewer stops)
  • Internet connection for download version, DVD-ROM drive required for boxed version installation
  • Monitor with 1,024x768 resolution or better
  • A sound card compatible with ASIO 2 (PC) or Core Audio (Mac)
  • A MIDI interface may be required if you are using a MIDI keyboard. Many keyboards now use USB. A volume pedal and ability to assign controllers within your keyboard, music program or sequencer.
  • High-quality speakers and amplifer, or high-quality headphones. A subwoofer is recommended for the pedal stops.
  • Internet connection for downloads, updates, and online registration.
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