Grass Valley ADVC-G1 Multi-Functional Video Converter

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Grass Valley ADVC-G1 Multi-Functional Video Converter - Any In to SDI Multi-Functional Converter/ Upconverter with Frame Synchronizer

The Grass Valley ADVC G1 Any In to SDI Multi-Functional Converter / Upconverter with Frame Sync is a 1/3 RU box that performs a great many functions for its compact size. The outputs are dual 3G/HD/SD-SDI, so the ADVC G1 could serve as an economical, simple solution for keeping your facility's legacy gear and media accessible and useful within your modern infrastructure.

The ADVC G1 converts and/or upconverts sources to HD/SD-SDI (with 1.5 and 3 Gb/s support) via its HDMI, DVI, component, composite, and S-Video inputs. The box also functions as an audio embedder, capturing sources via its AES/EBU and analog audio inputs and embedding them for output via SDI. With its video reference input, the ADVC G1 is able to serve as a frame synchronizer for audio inputs, eliminating the need for a separate frame synch.

  • Converts any supported input connection to SDI, incorporating 3G technology
  • Feature-rich at an affordable price, with an advanced upconverter and an integrated frame synchronizer
  • Multi-purpose converter inputs DVI (PC resolution support) and includes audio inputs for audio embedding
  • Conversion from analog to SDI
  • Conversion from DVI or HDMI to 3G/HD/SD-SDI
  • High-quality upconversion from analog SD to HD or 3G
  • Frame synchronization (house sync) of analog signals
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