Grass Valley ADVC-G4 Multi-Functional Video Converter

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Grass Valley ADVC-G4 Multi-Functional Video Converter - Compact and Robust Sync Generator

The Grass Valley ADVC G4 Sync Generator with Reference In is a compact (1/3 RU), robust sync generator that puts out nine output signals and fully supports all major SD (NTSC and PAL) and HD (up to 1080p30/1080i60/720p60) formats. The nine outputs can be configured in groups of three as SD or HD signals, so you can have 6 HD outputs and 3 SD outs, for instance.

In addition, the ADVC G4 features a 48 kHz wordclock and a reference input, which makes it compatible with larger sync systems that require more than nine outputs. The reference in also enables the device to live in a secondary room and serve as an extension from the main system, if necessary.

  • Compact signal generator with high-quality signals and comprehensive format support
  • Customizable output: select SD or HD in groups of three, with support for simultaneous SD and HD output
  • Feature-rich at an affordable price, with reference in for potential extension, a 48 kHz wordclock, and DARS audio
  • Compact and functional enough to provide a reference signal for fly-cases or full control rooms
  • Expand your system by using the ADVC G4 to add reference signal when the current reference distribution does not have enough outputs
  • The ADVC G4's reference in allows you to synchronize a secondary local technical room to a primary room, with advanced timing
  • Generate SD and HD reference with different timings to mix in a switcher
  • Generate reference signals for the Grass Valley ADVC G1 and G2 models when they're being used in frame synchronizer mode
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