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Grass Valley's EDIUS Pro 8 nonlinear editing software features real-time editing of multiple formats and frame rates, all on the same timeline. The software provides native support for virtually all commonly used file formats, including newer formats such as Sony XAVC and XAVC S, Panasonic AVC-Ultra, and Canon XF-AVC. With no rendering or file conversion required, editors will spend less time waiting around, and more time being creative.

In addition to native format support, you can take advantage of Grass Valley's 10-bit intermediate codec, HQX, or even Avid DNxHD via an optional add-on. The software can be installed on two machines, letting edit on your laptop using the proxy mode, as well as your more powerful desktop workstation.

Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 8 is designed as a native 64-bit application for Windows operating systems and takes advantage of system memory for intensive media operations such as layering, stereoscopic 3D, multicam, and multi-track 4K editing.

New features found in EDIUS Pro 8 include a refreshed GUI, a new GV browser tool for managing and organizing your content prior to importing, and accelerated Intel Quick Sync Video optimization. Quick Sync Video is a feature found on Intel Core (i3, i5, i7) processors that accelerates MPEG-2 and H.264 encoding, so you can get those online and mobile version of your edit exported quickly. It also enables accelerated H.264 decoding for smoother playback, including 4K resolution clips. Additional features will be added to EDIUS Pro 8 via free updates.

64-Bit & 4K

Designed as a native 64-bit application for Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1, EDIUS Pro 8 takes full advantage of up to 512GB (for Windows 8 Enterprise and Professional) or up to 192GB (for Windows 7 Ultimate, Enterprise, and Professional) of the installed physical RAM access for super-intensive media operations, especially layering, stereoscopic 3D, multicam, and multi-track 4K editing.

Mixed-Format Editing

Featuring real-time video transcoding technology, EDIUS Pro 8 converts between HD and SD resolutions, aspect ratios, and frame rates - all in real time. You can edit in HD and place 4:3 SD video on the timeline, mix NTSC and PAL sources, add 4K, or combine them all into projects in other resolutions and frame rates without wasting time on conversion or rendering. EDIUS Pro 8 supports resolutions from 24x24 to 4Kx2K, all on the same timeline, even in nested sequences, all in real time.

Multi-Platform Delivery

Finish your project in a variety of formats. Output resolutions can be customized and then saved with a variety of file wrappers - including QuickTime and Windows Media - for distribution to professional and consumer systems.

GV Browser

New to EDIUS Pro 8, GV Browser allows you to manage all your video, audio, and still image assets in preparation for editing in EDIUS. When you a connect a removable drive or card reader to your system, GV Browser will automatically detect supported formats and display them in the clip bin window.

Additional Features:

  • Fast, flexible user interface, including unlimited video, audio, title and graphics tracks

  • Support for the latest file formats - Sony XAVC (Intra/Long GOP) and XAVC S, Panasonic AVC-Ultra/AVC-Intra 4K 422, and Canon XF-AVC (import only)

  • Work natively with different video file formats, including those from Sony XDCAM, Panasonic P2, Ikegami GF, RED, and Canon XF and EOS cameras

  • Fast AVCHD editing (up to 3+ streams in real time)

  • Multicam editing of up to 16 different sources simultaneously, with video output support

  • Improved MPEG decoder and encoder

  • Improved H.264/AVC decoder and encoder enables fastest encoding of 4K XAVC clips

  • Accelerated 4K H.264 playback

  • Optimized for fourth-generation Intel Core i architecture

  • New GUI design for faster workflows

  • 64-bit native processing with maximum memory access for streamlined real-time editing

  • Proxy mode workflow helps extend the usability of laptop and legacy workstations

  • Supports Intel Quick Sync Video for fast H.264 export

  • Handles of large quantities of still image files (JPG, TGA, DPX, and more)

  • 3D stereoscopic editing

  • Built-in image stabilization

  • Direct to Blu-ray Disc and DVD timeline export

  • Future free updates will add additional features

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit (Service Pack 1 or later), Windows 8/8.1 64-bit

  • CPU: Any Intel Core 2 or Core iX CPU. Intel or AMD single core CPU with a 3 GHz processor speed or faster (multiple CPUs and/or multicore CPUs are recommended)

  • SSSE3: (Supplementary SSE3) instruction set support required

  • Memory: 2 GB RAM minimum (4 GB or more recommended)

  • Graphics Card: Supporting higher resolution than 1024x768 32-bit. Direct3D 9.0c or later and PixelShader Model 3.0 or later is required

  • Hard Disk Capacity: 6 GB of hard disk space for installation

  • Optical Drive: Blu-ray Disc writer is required when creating Blu-ray Discs. DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW drive is required when creating DVDs

  • Sound Card: Sound card with WDM driver support is required

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