Hartke HX112 Hydrive 300-Watt Bass Cabinet

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The Hartke HX112 Hydrive 300-Watt Bass Cabinet is a low frequency HyDrive hybrid cone driver speaker with a neodymium motor. The HyDrive 112 has a precision tuned enclosure and a perforated metal speaker grill, and its patented hybrid cone technology produces a speaker that uses an outside paper cone and an inner aluminum cone. The speaker has an innovative dual voice coil design that allows you to choose between 4 or 8 ohms impedance. The cabinet has an impedance selector switch on the rear jack plate, which allows you hook up a second HyDrive HX112 speaker. This lightweight portable bass cabinet features inset side handles and metal corners.

The Hartke HX112 Hydrive 300-Watt Bass Cabinet is the perfect solution for those smaller gigs to larger shows. At 30 lbs. and with a small footprint, this cab is easily transportable. The reduced weight is thanks to the lightweight neodymium HyDrive speaker. This specialized speaker has a paper outer cone for all the warm lows and an aluminum inner cone that produces the mids and highs with a sweetness like no other. Even though the HyDrive HX112 is small in size, this cab will handle 300 watts of bass thumping power. The built-in high-frequency switch can be turned off in case you are not a fan of tweeters in your bass rig. Both stylish and functional, the Hartke HyDrive HX112 bass cabinet will be an excellent addition to your rig.

Hartke HX112 Hydrive 300-Watt Bass Cabinet – Features:

  • Lightweight bass cabinet
  • HyDrive hybrid aluminum/paper cones
  • speakON and 1/4" inputs
  • 300-watt power handling
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