Hartke TX600 Class D Bass Amplifier Tube Preamp

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The Hartke TX600 Class D Bass Amplifier Tube Preamp is an amplifier head intended for electric bass. Providing 600W of Class D amplification, a 12AX7 Class A tube preamp, and a wide array of tone-shaping options, the TX600 is portable to boot, featuring a compact construction and a relatively light weight of 7 lb.

The front panel offers two input jacks—one for passive instruments, one for active—as well as 3.5mm auxiliary input and headphones output jacks. Consider the tone-stack EQ, which provides two separate controls for treble (a bright switch offering extra high-frequency attack), as well as the ability to shape a variable frequency band between 200 and 800 Hz; these controls, combined with the bass knob, allow you to dial in a most satisfactory sound for your bass, whether you prefer a biting growl or a scooped, smile-curved sound. An on-board compressor can help to reduce sudden peaks and increase sustain, while a mute knob will kill all outgoing signal, if that's your wish.

The rear of the amplifier provides a panoply of connection jacks, including XLR and speakON connection points for external speakers, and a balanced XLR output for DI'ing the sound of the amplifier. An on-board preamp output jack allows you to route your preamp into an external power amplifier or mixing console; likewise, a power amp input jack allows you to use a separate preamp with this unit, should you desire to do so.

Hartke TX600 Class D Bass Amplifier Tube Preamp – Key Features:

  • 600W Class D amplification
  • 12AX7 class A tube preamp circuitry
  • Tone stack EQ section with shape, frequency, bass, and treble controls
  • Compressor for smooth dynamics control
  • 1/4" Active and passive inputs
  • 3.5mm / 1/8" auxiliary input
  • 3.5mm / 1/8" headphone output
  • Balanced XLR direct output
  • Integrated carry handle
  • Rugged aluminum chassis
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