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The DJControl Glow from Hercules is a glowing translucent green USB DJ control surface designed for beginner DJs and home enthusiasts. The included DJUCED 18° DJ software allows for the mixing of two tracks with all controls available on the controller. Two jog wheels allow for cueing and beat matching of their respective tracks, while the on-board crossfader and two volume faders seamlessly mix the two tracks together. A 3-band EQ allows you to enhance the sound, while the available on-board effects sweeten the mix. The controller is USB bus powered and equipped with two touch-sensitive jog wheels, two rotary encoders, three faders, six rotary potentiometers, 24 backlights, and 36 push-button transport keys. The DJ Control Glow ships with a USB cable.

Two Decks to Mix Two Music Tracks

  • Mix 2 music tracks with DJ Control Glow controls
  • 2 jog wheels to move inside each sound track
  • 1 crossfader and 2 volume faders to mix 2 music

Easily Add Your Mark on Music Files

  • Equalize music to enhance the sound
  • Add effects on the song to add your mark
  • Save your mix in your own music files

DJUCED 18° DJ Software

  • User-friendly automation for beginners
  • Auto Cue: place a cue point at the first beat,
  • Instant synchronization: 1 key sets the beat if you don’t want to set the pitch manually
  • Easy loops: loops can automatically fit on the beats length.
  • 2-deck DJ software
  • Turntables display
  • Advanced BPM analysis
  • 3-band equalizer
  • Loops, with easy mode
  • Hot Cue points
  • Play/Pause/Cue on each deck
  • Sync
  • Crossfader
  • Pitch fader (1 per deck) with Keylock function
  • Effects (Echo, Flanger, Reverb, Chorus, Auto-wah, Compressor, Rotate, High-pass/Low-pass filters)
  • Sampler
  • Step sequencer
  • Record mix
  • Record samples
  • Scratch
  • Automix
  • MAGIC loop extraction
  • Cue visualization on waveforms and decks

For Mobile Use

  • Compact DJ control surface


  • 2 jog wheels
  • 2 rotary encoders
  • 3 faders
  • 6 rotary potentiometers
  • 24 backlights
  • 36 transport keys (push buttons)

Play and Cue Functions

  • Play/Pause
  • Play any track that iTunes or Windows Media can play
  • Cue
  • Auto cue: a cue point at 1st beat
  • Up to 3 cue points per track
  • Cue points displayed on the ring


  • Loops
  • Easy: loops fit on beats
  • Loop in, loop out on controller
  • Loop length /2 or x2 on controller


  • Echo, flanger, chorus, reverb
  • Effects controlled controller

Hercules DJControl Glow Specs

Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System:

Mac OS: Mac OS 10.7 and higher (32/64-bit)

Windows: MS Windows Vista/7/8 (32/64-bit)


Computer CPU: 2 GHz or faster

2 GB of RAM or more

Powered USB port

100 MB available disk space

Internet access

Sound card with 1 or 2 stereo out

Stereo amplified speakers or/and headphones


2x jog wheels

2x rotary encoders

3x faders

6x rotary potentiometers

24x backlights

36x transport keys (push buttons)

Effects: Echo, flanger, chorus, and reverb

Jog: Jog Wheels: 3.0" / 75.0 mm

Dimensions: 10.4 x 7.5" / 26.5 x 19.0 cm

Weight : 2.2 lb / 1 kg

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