Hotone A Station Acoustic Guitar Preamp D.I. TPPAST

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The A Station pedal is a powerful acoustic preamp with D.I. and microphone preamp. If it's acoustic you play (guitar, violin, mandolin, etc.), A Station will make it sound great. The mic preamp makes this perfect for songwriters and worship leaders. It is a must have for venues where performers are playing through the house.

Designed for acoustic guitar and vocals, the Hotone Performer Series A Station is a preamp and D.I. contained in a stompbox with multiple I/Os, controls for volume, and three knobs for equalization. It provides both instrument and microphone inputs, as well as an external effects loop for looping in outboard gear; this loop can be switched to add effects to either instruments, vocals, or a combination of both. An XLR D.I. output allows you to route your sound to mixers, PAs, and recording devices, while a parallel pass-through 1/4" jack gives you the ability to pass your signal on to an amplifier.

A separate gain control is provided for microphones, as is switchable 48V phantom power. To fight against onstage feedback, this pedal includes a notch filter with two knobs, one for selecting the offending frequency, and another for instantiating the level of cut. A footswitch gives you a +6 dB boost for when your guitar needs to elevate higher above the mix, while a mute button will kill all signal, offering silence for tuning or connecting/disconnecting your instruments. The pedal is battery powered by 9V, though it can also accept a 9 VDC power supply, available separately.


  • Compact size, rock solid aluminum casing
  • Powerful 3-band EQ for enhancing and shaping your instrument tone
  • Notch filter with frequency control for eliminating unwanted feedback
  • Pristine DI output for feeding the signal directly to the mixer or for recording
  • 1/4” parallel output for connecting acoustic amps or other gear
  • High quality microphone preamp with phantom power
  • Switchable FX Loop for extended instrument and vocal dimension
  • Mute function for silent tuning and safe connection
  • Boost function for stand out solos or boosting weak instrument signals
  • 9V DC or 9V battery power supply
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