Hotone Mojo Attack Nano Legacy 75W 2-Channel Floor Amplifier

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Designed for electric guitar players, the Hotone Mojo Attack Nano Legacy 75W 2-Channel Floor Amplifier combines amp models in the company’s Nano Legacy series to give you two American amplifiers in a stompbox form factor. Indeed, this is a single pedal capable of driving 75W into 4-Ohms speakers, making it quite useful for saving space on tour without compromising tone. 

Channel A is labeled Mojo Diamond; this channel offers a sound modeled on a classic Fender Tweed, an amplifier noted for its clear tones instantly evocative of Americana, blues, and country genres; run your T-style guitar through this emulation, and you'll be able to effect tones suitable for chicken pickin' and subtle slide work alike. Channel B, on the other hand, is modeled on the Mesa/Boogie Rectifier. Called Heart Attack, Channel B provides the kind of gut-punching distortion that made 90s alternative rock such a refreshing jolt to the system.

Each channel has its own controls for gain, volume, bass, midrange, and treble, while two footswitches give you control over reverb and boost, which have their own corresponding knobs. You can select among amplifier models with the middle footswitch.

A single 1/4" instrument jack accepts your guitar’s lead, and multiple outputs are on hand including a self-adjusting speaker output rated at 4 to 16 Ohms, a line output, and a balanced XLR jack. A cabinet simulator switch can be turned on if you’re feeding house PAs, mixers, or recording interfaces. You can also route external effects into the amplifier pedal using the onboard effects loop. A power supply is included.

Hotone Mojo Attack Nano Legacy 75W 2-Channel Floor Amplifier - Key Features:

  • Portable dual-channel floor amplifier for your pedalboard
  • Up to 75W of output power
  • Dual-channel design combines two Nano Legacy amps in one
  • Amplifiers inspired by classic American designs
  • Independent volume, gain, and three-knob tone stack per channel
  • Built-in boost provides up to +12 dB of clean volume boost
  • Built-in reverb with clear, natural decay
  • Compatible with cabinets with impedances ranging from 4 to 16 Ohms
  • Effects loop for external effects
  • Line and XLR outputs with switchable cab simulator
  • 18 to 20 VDC power supply (center positive)
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