Hotone Mp10 Ravo Multieffects Pedal TPMRAVO

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The Ravo MP-10 from Hotone is a multi-effects processor intended for use with guitars and basses. It offers 130 individual effects, up to eight of which can be used simultaneously within the pedal. Should you want to save a sound you've created, you can easily store the tone in one of the 100 user-available patches, separated into ten banks for ease of categorization. There are also 100 preset patches, all of which respond dynamically to the sound of your incoming signal. Therefore, as you dial your volume down, a particularly intense distortion can clean itself up in a manner that sounds like a classic amplifier easing off the gain. An assignable expression pedal delegates foot control of your volume, as well as certain effects parameters (particularly useful for wahs and filters), while the included Ravo Tonebank software facilitates the shaping and the sharing of your individual tones.

In addition to its effects capability, this unit sports a built-in drum module with 100 patterns to choose from, making jamming to rhythm a cinch. Also, you get a 30-second phrase looper in the Ravo for stacking ideas on top of each other. A USB Type-B port in the back allows you not only to route patches from the app, but to use the Ravo as a USB interface, giving you the ability to record 44.1 kHz audio in Mac or Windows platforms.


  • 8 Effect Modules
  • 130 Effect Types
  • 100 Preset Patches
  • 100 User Patches
  • 44.1 kHz sampling, 24-bit A/D/A Conversion
  • 32-bit DSP Processor Onboard
  • Assignable Expression Pedal
  • Free Ravo Tonebank software available for editing and sharing tones
  • Built-in drum machine with 100 patterns
  • 30-second recordable looper
  • Precise Tuning function
  • Patch Pre-Select Recall function
  • Bright, easy-to-check display
  • Compact operation interface
  • 4 x AAA battery power supply and USB bus power supply available
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Manufacturer Hotone Audio
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