Hotone Skyline Fat Buffer Preamp Effects Pedal TPSBF1

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Intended for electric guitars and basses, the Fat Buffer from Hotone is a pedal designed to restore the signal loss commonly associated with long pedal chains. It is designed to be implemented first in your series of pedals, and can afford you up to 26 dB of additional volume.

But that's not all: this pedal also has tonal shaping capabilities, with a low knob altering your bass frequencies, and the high knob affecting your trebles. A cut button, located between the two tonal knobs, instantiates a low-cut filter at 200 Hz.

A large transparent knob on the front of the Fat Buffer is your boost knob. With this control, you can add up to 26 dB of additional volume. Its low and high EQ knobs are noctilucent, meaning they will absorb light and then glow in the dark, making them easier to see on a dark stage. The pedal also offers a true bypass footswitch, and is powered by a 9 VDC adapter (available separately).


  • True Bypass Footswitch
  • Zinc Alloy Outer Cover
  • Transparent top knob and 2 noctilucent small knobs
  • Cool LED lights
  • Current Consumption:  12mA
  • Dimensions: 74mm (D) x 44mm (W) x 44mm (H)
  • Weight: 190 g
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Manufacturer Hotone Audio
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