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IMSI DesignCAD 2021 2D for Windows (School License)

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Academic Volume License for sale to schools.

DesignCAD 2021 2D is an easy-to-learn and use 2D CAD program. Access hundreds of 2D drafting and design tools through an intuitive interface to quickly and easily produce accurately scaled, precision designs. It's perfect for architectural drawings, engineering layouts, and more.

DesignCAD 2021 2D – Key Features:

  • PDF UNDERLAY. PDF compatibility has been expanded to now include PDF Underlay. Previously, only 2D file export was supported along with the import of 2D Geometry. Please see the example 2D PDF Underlay imported successfully into DesignCAD.
  • 2D PDF Import. A new filter that has been implemented in DesignCAD is 2D PDF import. PDF export was already implemented in DesignCAD. The functionality of this filter will be to import 2D geometry from the PDF files.
  • 2D ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR WITH OPTION TO IMPORT AS UNDERLAY. Adobe illustrator import filter has been added in DesignCAD. User can import the Adobe illustrator file as an underlay or simply its geometry. To the Right is an example of Adobe illustrator file imported in DesignCAD.
  • SUPPORT FOR AUTOCAD 2021. Support has been provided in DesignCAD to import or export the AutoCAD 2021 file format’s (.dwg and .dxf). The users can import or export the above-mentioned formats in the latest versions.

DesignCAD 2021 2D – New Features:

  • Improved UI. A new Ribbon User Interface has been added to DesignCAD 2021. Users can now switch between Classic and Ribbon UI’s with addition to Vector Icons, 4K Support and Dark/Medium/Light Themes.
  • Ellipse by Diagonals. An “Ellipse by Diagonals” tool has been added to the Circles section. Now an ellipse can be drawn using its two diagonal points. The first point is the starting diagonal point of the ellipse and the second point is the ending diagonal point.
  • Circumscribed Polygon. A “Circumscribed Polygon” tool has been added to the Planes section. Now, the user can draw the polygon by using the first point as a center point and the second point as the center of one of the edges of the polygon.
  • Diagonal Slot Polygon. A “Slot Polygon” has been added to the Planes section. Now the user can draw a slot shaped polygon by using the first point as the first diagonal point and the second point as its second diagonal point.

DesignCAD 2021 2D – System Requirements:

  • CPU Type - 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
  • 64-Bit Requirements: Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 7 (64-bit) - 4 GB RAM – 750GB Hard Disk Space.
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