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Magix Samplitude Pro X4 Suite meets the highest demands for quality in the areas of recording, mixing and mastering, as well as music production. High-profile mastering plug-ins, efficient editing functions, as well as a powerful audio engine have been setting new standards in professional audio for more than 25 years.

Magix Samplitude Pro X4 provides the highest level of quality for recording, mixing and mastering tasks, as well as for music production. With professional effects, efficient editing functions, as well as a powerful audio engine, the new version continues to set new standards in the professional audio sector. The new version contains an impression range of virtual instruments and high-quality mastering and restoration effects as well as new, practical types of workflow. The software features significant improvements to functions such as automation editing of effect parameters and to the MIDI editor. The entire plug-in operation has been redesigned for a more efficient workflow. In addition, performance and multicore operation have been optimized, with Samplitude now offering support for CPUs with up to 32 cores.

Recording & editing

Work at the highest level of audio quality, even in complex recording sessions. Absolute sound neutrality and optimal latency management enable professional, ultra-precise studio recording.

  • Object editing. In addition to standard options for track-related editing, Samplitude also features object-based editing options. Apply effects at object level or route objects to AUX or Surround buses. From fades to using effects and editing pitch, all edits you make are non-destructive and are calculated during playback, so there's plenty of room for experimentation.
  • Object Editor. The Object Editor enables you to access all features for object-based editing in a single clear interface, with a graphic design that's modeled on a channel strip. A realtime channel strip is assigned to each object and each split object. You can split material into any number of small audio objects and then edit them individually or in groups.
  • Melodyne Essential. The Melodyne essential plug-in from Celemony contains the legendary tool for correcting recordings with absolute precision. The renowned algorithms offer complex editing solutions for audio recordings.
  • zplane algorithm. Use the latest zplane algorithm, élastique Pro v3.2.3, for time stretching and pitch shifting. This algorithm uses the latest findings from signal processing theory and combines these with psycho-acoustic models.
  • Audio Random Access. Edit projects on a whole new level of musicality. In addition to tempo and pitch information, ARA also recognizes intonation and volume levels. Combined with Melodyne essential, it serves as a powerful tool for pitch manipulation.
  • Copy & paste content across projects. Easily copy tracks, even across projects. Simply use the checklist to choose which settings you want to transfer, for instance VST plug-ins, AUX busses, submix busses and VSTi return tracks. This makes your editing and production workflow much more streamlined.

Music production

Extensive options for producing scores, advanced functionality for MIDI editing and numerous virtual instruments. There's inspiration in each and every high-quality detail.

  • NEW! Analog Synth 2. This virtual synthesizer has been forged from the best synths of the previous decades. It enhances any production with its characteristic sound aesthetics and offers an extremely diverse range of styles.
  • NEW! Century Keys. Century Keys: From classic pianos to modern electro piano sounds, this VST instrument contains outstanding sounds for pop, rock, jazz, hip-hop, soul, RnB, house and other genres.
  • NEW! Grand Piano. The authentic-sounding Grand Piano is perfect for adding to any arrangement, whether your production is classical concert music, modern pop, jazz or hip-hop.
  • NEW! Power Guitar. High-quality guitar sounds with energy-laden slides, aggressive power chords and screeching overdrives. This tool combines various playing techniques with a huge library of sounds.
  • NEW! Orchestral Ensemble. This virtual instrument is based on a recorded ensemble of a symphony orchestra. With its authentic, impressive sound, it can be easily used in compositions in all kinds of genres.
  • Drum Engine. Drum Engine this instrument offers a wide range of variations and options, from modern drum kits to classic groove box samples. Create dynamic, powerful drums.
  • Concert Grand. Based on a recording of a concert grand in an international concert hall, this piano is impressive with its character and detailed articulation.
  • NEW! Sansula. This virtual thumb piano is deeply rooted in traditional African music. The sound is based on the recently developed Sansula – a classic lamellophone with a resonance body covered with drum beats.
  • Bass Machine. Create powerful, tight lines. There's a range of flexible options and parameters for customizing your bass sound. Audio example
  • Church Organ. Experiment with the feel of this imposing instrument. Sampled in a little church near Venice, the Church Organ combines the traditional with the modern and can be used for both organ music as well as contemporary rock & pop.
  • Pop Drums. A range of microphones give the Pop Drums a naturally spatial sound. These been recorded on an old SSL console for extra analog warmth.
  • Cinematic Soundscapes. Weave a colorful tapestry of sound or create atmospheric background music. Cinematic Soundscapes adds a sense of depth and tension to your productions.
  • Independence Sampler. An amazing sampler workstation with a vast sound library, live performance mode, and a virtual effects shelf. Included in Magix Samplitude Pro X4 – 12GB Premium Sound Library.

Mixing & mastering

Record complex projects and work on large arrangements with intuitive mixing, flexible routing and seamless automations. The high-quality mastering effects offer optimal support for mixing and mastering.

  • NEW! Automation lanes. Track automation in Samplitude Pro X4 can now be displayed across several sub-tracks, known as "lanes". You can display and edit any number of track parameters such as volume, panorama or VST effects simultaneously. The control elements in the track header offer lots of of options for operating and switching the parameters. Automation lanes can be faded in an out of any track. In addition, editing of object and track automation has been fully optimized. NEW! Plug-in browser Discover fast and easy access to all your effect and instrument plug-ins. Category-based sorting in the plug-in browser dialog and the filter function enables streamlined organization and lets you find the effect you need quickly, even if your plug-in collection is large. Use the Favorites function to mark effects and instruments you use regularly so that you can access them easily and quickly.
  • Vandal. A virtual guitar & bass amplifier includes 24 stomp boxes, 70 different presets and three different microphone arrangements. Every component of the amplifier, from the tube to the speaker coils, is virtualized right down to the last detail. Physical modeling technology guarantees great sound without compromise.
  • Analogue Modelling Suite Plus. Includes four models of high-quality analog tools. This includes an analog compressor with optional tape saturation simulation (am|track). Samplitude Pro X4 Suite extras: A tube pre-amp/channel strip (am|phibia), a transient designer (am|pulse) for influencing the signal envelope of percussive audio material, plus a mastering dynamics tool (am|munition) with compressor, limiter, clipper and M/S editing.
  • essentialFX Suite. The essentialFX Suite is a high-quality collection of 11 professional effects plug-ins for modulation and dynamic effects. This collection contains both standard effects, such as flanger, tremolo and chorus, as well as special plug-ins for optimizing speech and vocal recordings, and an excellent compressor.
  • Vintage Effects Suite. The Vintage Effects Suite contains the Corvex, Ecox & Filtox plug-ins. Each of these plug-ins is based on the same control principle – but they couldn't be more different from each other in terms of sound design. Filtox is an Oberheim filter and controls the frequency response of a modulation source. This allows you to create effects like the wah-wah effect. Ecox realistically emulates echoes from analog tape devices, which are caused by tracking fluctuations. The Corvex plug-in modulates realistic-sounding chorus and flanger effects.
  • Cleaning effects. Exclusive in Samplitude Pro X4 Suite: Samplitude Pro X4 Suite includes a track-level frequency-based cleaning tool in the form of spectral editing. Remove unwanted sounds, like coughing or clapping, without affecting the original signal audibly. Using a spectrogram, noises are quickly identified according to their color representation and removed. Additional cleaning effects include DeHisser, DeClipper and DeNoiser.

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 | 8 | 10 64-bit systems
  • Processor: 2 GHz RAM: 2 GB (32-bit), 4 GB (64-bit)
  • Graphics card: Onboard, minimum resolution 1024 x 768
  • Available drive space: 4 GB min. for program installation (100 GB recommended)
  • Optical drive: CD drive
  • Internet connection: Required for activating and validating the program, as well as for some program functions. Program requires one-time registration.

Supported import formats

  • Audio: WAV, Broadcast WAV, WAV with codec, AAC, MP3, OGG Vorbis, AIFF, FLAC, SD2, WMA, MIDI standard formats (MID, GM, GS, XG)
  • Video:  DV-AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, HDV HD1, HDV HD2, MXV, DVCPRO, AVC-Intra, WMV(HD)

Supported export formats

  • Audio: WAV, broadcast WAV, WAV with codec, AAC, MP3, OGG Vorbis, AIFF, FLAC, WMA, MIDI standard format (MID)


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