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The structure based comprising one main module and six propeller modules with magnetic connectors makes it easy to transform in creative ways, and incredibly fun. Go from drone to hovercraft, to your own DIY project in just a few snaps. You can even star in your own action film, either as the police or as the bad guy!

Easy magnetic assembly

Custom-engineered magnetic connectors on modules makes assembly quick and easy.

Program your AirBlock

The makeblock app’s block-based programming language makes coding easy even without previous experience. Build your own DIY vehicles and code them to work exactly as you like.

Fly with your phone

Flying with Airblock is as easy as it gets! Just grab your Airblock and launch the Makeblock app on your phone, and you’re ready for take-off.


Propeller guards and custom-designed soft foam used to construct the frame makes Airblock safe to use for ages 8 and up.

AirBlock Specs

Forms: Drone / Hovercraft / DIY

Applicable Areas: Land / Sky / Water

Control Distance: 8 meters on land / 6 meters on water

Battery Life: 6 minutes as drone / 16 minutes as hovercraft

Max Speed: 1.5 m/s as drone, 2.5 m/s as hovercraft

Sensors: Barometer, 6-axis Gyroscope

Propulsion: 6x Hollow-cup motors

Connectivity: Bluetooth

Power Supply: 1x 7.4V, 700mAh lithium battery

Weight: 150g as drone / 190g as hovercraft

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