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The neuron platform includes more than 30 electronic modules, such as sound sensors, light sensors, and human body infrared sensors. It can realize hundreds of interactions, not only to meet the children's creative needs in terms of hearing, vision, and body, but also to attract children. Interest, let the children understand the scientific principles and phenomena in play and enhance the creative ability.

Key features of the Makeblock Neuron Creative Lab Kit

  • The 30 blocks can be used to create more than 100 interactive preset effects, so that you can easily build your own projects anywhere and any time
  • Supports the Neuron app and mBlock, making it suitable for children to explore the fun of programming in a multidisciplinary fashion
  • The patented magnetic connector makes construction quick and easy, and blocks durable
  • Includes multiple advanced blocks including camera, mic and speaker, Wi-Fi, and more.
  • Supports AI, IoT, deep learning, and other complex functions so that children can learn cutting-edge technology while building and playing with their gadgets

Pogo Pin magnetic connection, let the creative “touch”

The patented Pogo Pin magnetic interface design between the modules effectively prevents the modules from being reversed, making each connection safe and fast. Children can quickly combine different modules, build a variety of interesting works, or combine neurons with living accessories to create practical small inventions, such as voice-activated lights, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance cars.

Out of the box, just for kids to create

We set offline effects for each pair of input and output modules. More than 30 neuron modules will have more than 100 interaction combinations, and rich functions can be realized without programming. By directly combining electronic building blocks, children can build creative gizmos, further reducing the threshold for the use of neurons, allowing children to create.

Innovative wired programming, zero base can also easily get started

Supporting the connected programming software neuron App, you can “move” the neurons by simply dragging and dropping, clicking on the icon, and drawing the lines. The way to display programming effects while connecting is easier for children to understand, so that beginners without programming experience can quickly get started.

Neurons also support graphical programming software based on Scratch 3.0 [1]. As long as literacy can start programming, it is as simple as writing a building block.

Support AI and IoT cutting-edge technology, and quickly embrace the smart age

Neurons include advanced modules such as Wi-Fi, camera, and speakers. Combined with neuron App and HC programming, they can implement complex functions such as AI and IoT. For example, using the Internet of Things function of neurons to make automatic switch light devices, automatic fish feeders, etc., to show the logic and principles behind the technology in a way that is easy for children to understand, and let the children practice in the first time.

Safe and durable integrated design to escort every creation

The electronic components of the neurons are wrapped in the PC+ABS composite plastic material, which prevents the child from directly contacting the metal components and effectively protects the components in the product, making the electronic module more durable. Appearance, each neuron building block is rounded at the corners, simple and compact shape, more suitable for children.

Continuously updated cases and tutorials to make the creations follow

Neuron is equipped with rich video cases and tutorials, and beginners can quickly get started: the Neuron App is equipped with a novice guide, step by step guides construction and operation through constantly updated video cases; rich software and hardware case cards and scientific experiment manuals Such tutorial resources provide a systematic project-based learning program that allows children to unlock new skills from imitation to creation.

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