MakeBlock Ultimate 2.0 10-in-1 Robot Kit

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Ultimate 2.0 is a flagship robot kit based on Makeblock platform with rich features and strong compatibility. Whether you are an enthusiast of Raspberry Pi or Arduino, a mechanical or electronics engineer, a teacher, or a student, it helps you learn the knowledge of mechanical structures, electronic modules and programming skill with ease.

MakeBlock Ultimate 2.0 10-in-1 Robot Kit Features

  • Ten building forms will meet all your need for different application scenes
  • Great for learning robotics, electronics, graphical programming, Arduino programming and Python programming
  • Anodized 6061 aluminum mechanical parts with threaded-slot design brings an easy way of building the robot
  • Three powerful encoder motors enable you to feel every step of the robot
  • Wirelessly control your robot with smart devices through Bluetooth connection

More than 160 mechanical and electronic parts, play with hundreds of creative ideas

Ultimate 2.0 includes more than 80 parts and more than 160. Mechanical components of various functions, powerful electronic modules such as MegaPi main control board, motor, sensor, etc., as well as extended structures such as robots and crawler chassis. The complete parts library allows you to make full use of your creativity and play hundreds of combinations. .

Equipped with the main control board MegaPi, superior drive capability

Designed based on the ATmega2560, the Ultimate2.0's main control board MegaPi has powerful drive capability to drive 10 servos and 4 stepper motors or 8 DC motors at the same time! With 4 sensor interfaces, it can be connected to a variety of sensors.

Compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi

The combination of MegaPi and Raspberry Pi enables control of a wide range of motor and electronic modules, excellent motion control performance and a wide range of expandability, allowing you to build complex forms such as robots and 3D printers. Whether you are an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi fan.

Supports multiple programming languages

Combined with the matching building block programming software, simply drag the building blocks to make Ultimate2.0 respond to your commands. At the same time, it also supports programming languages ??such as Arduino IDE, Node.js and Python. Whether you are programming white or procedural master, you can find suitable programming methods to continuously learn and improve programming skills.

Ultimate 2.0 Specs

Main control board/chip: Mega Pi main control board / ATMEGA2560-16AU

Electronic module: MegaPi, MegaPi RJ25 Adapter Plate, Bluetooth Module, Motor Drive* 4, Encoder Motor*3, Ultrasonic Sensor, Line Detector, Gyro Sensor, RJ25 Adapter Module, Shutter Module, Makeblock Claw

Mechanical Parts: Aluminum alloy structural parts, injection synchronous wheel 90T, plastic gears, tracks and wheels, connecting lines, other hardware accessories

Connection/Transmission Method: Bluetooth / USB connection

Power Supply: 6-cell 5th battery (not included in the kit)

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