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Maple 18 Student Edition Math Survival Kit Bundle

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Maple 18 Student Edition - Mathematics Survival Kit Bundle

Get two great products to help you excel in your math courses, and save! The Math Survival Bundle contains Maple 18 Student Edition and the Mathematics Survival Kit – Maple Edition e-book.

The Mathematics Survival Kit – Details

The Mathematics Survival Kit is an interactive Maple e-book that covers 115 popular topics that typically plague students. Each topic includes randomly generated practice problems that support free-form entry of responses and provide instant feedback, including hints. Illustrative graphs include dynamically generated plots based on the random problems and the student responses. Each topic covers a very specific concept, allowing you to learn just the piece you are stuck on, without having to read earlier sections.

Maple 18 Student Edition - Details

Maple brings the problem-solving power of expert mathematicians to your computer. Hundreds of thousands of students rely on Maple to help them succeed in math. Maple covers virtually every area of mathematics, including calculus, algebra, differential equations, linear systems, statistics, linear algebra, geometry, and transforms. Finish assignments and projects faster, improve your understanding of even the most difficult subjects, and explore on your own.

Single User, standalone copy of Maple 18 for student use. Students across the world rely on Maplesoft products to help with homework and to complete assignments. Join the millions of students who have discovered how to succeed with their math using Maplesoft products. Use of the software is for personal study purposes only.

Students across the world rely on Maplesoft products to help with homework and to complete assignments. Join the millions of students who have discovered how to succeed with their math using Maplesoft products. Use of the software is for personal study purposes only.

The result of over 30 years of cutting-edge research and development, Maple helps you analyze, explore, visualize, and solve mathematical problems.

With over 5000 functions, Maple offers the breadth, depth, and performance to handle every type of mathematics. Maple’s intuitive interface supports multiple styles of interaction, from Clickable Math tools to a sophisticated programming language. Using the smart document environment provided by Maple, you can automatically capture all of your technical knowledge in an electronic form that combines calculations, explanatory text and math, graphics, images, sound, and diagrams.

Maple 18 Features:

Time Series Analysis

The new Time Series Analysis package provides an extensive collection of tools for analyzing, modeling, and visualizing any data that varies with time.

Powerful Search Tools

New search tools in Maple 18 make it much easier for you to access all the information and resources you need to accomplish your task quickly.


Maple 18 includes extensive updates to its visualization abilities for 2-D and 3-D plots, including control over plot backgrounds, customized plot shading, and more.

Signal Processing

The Signal Processing package, which features tools for frequency domain analysis, windowing, signal generation and analysis, has been expanded to include even more visualization and windowing functionality.

Clickable Math

Maple 18 continues to deepen the support for Clickable Math learning and exploration, with new palettes, tutors, context-menus, and more.

Quiz Generation

With the new Grading package, Maple 18 makes it easy to develop interactive, self-grading quizzes for your students so they can test themselves and get additional practice.

Math Apps and The Mobius Project

As part of The Mobius Project, Maple 18 includes over 75 new Math Apps that can be used in the classroom to engage students, and easy access to many more.

One-Step App Creation

Maple 18 includes many significant updates to the Explore functionality, making one-step Math App creation much more powerful and flexible.

Interactive Components

Maple 18 includes numerous improvements to interactive components for easier, more flexible application development.

Statistics for Students

An extensive new package for Student Statistics is designed to help teachers present and students understand the material from a standard course in statistics.


The new Fractals package makes it easy to create and explore popular fractals, including Mandelbrot, Julia, Newton, and other time-iterative fractals.


Maple 18 has greatly increased performance and efficiency in several key categories, including faster fundamental operations and more automatic parallel computations.


With more than 500 enhancements throughout the entire Physics package, Maple 18 extends the range of physics-related algebraic formulations that can be done in a natural way inside Maple.

Advanced Mathematics

Maple 18 continues to offers important advancements in many different branches of mathematics.

Student Exploration of Mathematical Foundations

The new Student Basics package helps to explore the foundations of higher math, making it possible to provide step-by-step breakdowns for expanding and simplifying mathematical expressions or solving linear equations.

Student Multivariate Calculus

In Maple 18, the Student package for multivariate calculus has been further expanded to provide even more tools for exploring properties and relationships.