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Maple 2015 Academic Edition Mac/ Windows/ LINUX

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Faculty Edition for sale to faculty and staff at accredited schools.

Maple 2015 is an essential tool for researchers, teachers, and students in any mathematical or technical discipline. It lets you explore, visualize, and solve even the most complex mathematical problems, reducing errors and providing greater insight into the math. Maple's world-leading computation engine offers the breadth, depth, and performance to handle every type of mathematics.

With Maple 2015, teachers can bring complex problems to life, students can focus on concepts rather than the mechanics of solutions, and researchers can develop more-sophisticated algorithms or models.

Maple 2015 has new tools for data analysis, application development, statistics education, and much more!

Enrich your classroom & accelerate your research

  • Demonstrate and explore concepts using intuitive Clickable Math techniques, taking advantage of hundreds of tools specially designed for teaching and learning mathematics.

  • Create course notes, assignments, interactive apps, and research reports that include live computations, plots, and mathematics.

  • Solve advanced problems and develop algorithms with sophisticated, math-aware commands and programming language.

With over 5000 functions, Maple offers the breadth, depth, and performance to handle every type of mathematics. Maple's intuitive interface supports multiple styles of interaction, from Clickable Math tools to a sophisticated programming language. Using the smart document environment provided by Maple, you can automatically capture all of your technical knowledge in an electronic form that combines calculations, explanatory text and math, graphics, images, sound, and diagrams.


Here are just a few of the many areas of mathematics Maple can do:

  • Symbolic and Numeric Math. The Maple computation engine combines high-performance numeric computations with world-leading symbolic capabilities.

  • Comprehensive Mathematics. Maple contains comprehensive, in-depth coverage of a vast range of mathematical topics.

  • Equation Solving. Maple can solve a wide range of equations and systems of equations

  • Differential Equations. Maple can solve differential equations problems no other system can handle.

  • Differential Calculus. Maplesoft offers an extensive collection of products and free resources to support teaching and learning differential calculus.

  • Linear Algebra. Maple has efficient and comprehensive linear algebra support for both small- and large-scale problems.

  • Optimization. Maple has flexible, powerful tools for solving optimization problems.

  • Group Theory. The Maple Group Theory package has over 150 commands for constructing groups, examining their properties, performing operations, and visualization.

  • Statistics and Process Control. The Statistics package, like Maple itself, combines the advantages of numerical and symbolic approaches to problem solving.

  • Units and Dimensions. You can assign units to your input variables, and the necessary dimensional analysis is performed by Maple to give you the correct unit in your result.

  • Tolerances. Maple allows you to perform precision computations with quantities involving tolerances. Tolerances are entered and displayed using standard notation, for example, 1.45 0.05.

System Requirements:

Click here for detailed System Requirements for Maple 2015