Marq Haze 800 DMX 800w Water-based Hazer

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Capable of diffusing haze at a rate of 2543 cubic ft/minute, the Marq Haze 800 DMX 800w Water-based Hazer is a compact, water-based haze machine with DMX control designed to create dramatic atmospheric effects for your light shows in small- to medium-sized clubs or venues.

This unit offers a variety of control options. For standalone operation, the 3-button LED display on the back panel allows you to conveniently regulate the haze volume and fan speed. For manual operation, the wired three-knob remote control lets you set the amount of haze outputted, the duration, and the length of time between intervals. For advanced programming options, the DMX functions give you control over every aspect of the unit's performance.

Marq Haze 800 DMX 800w Water-based Hazer – Features:

  • Equipped with a 0.3 gal tank, the Haze 800 DMX gives you up to 4 hours run time on a single tank.
  • 800W water-based haze machine with an output of 2543 ft³/minute
  • Control fan speed and haze output through DMX, from the back-panel LED display & buttons, or using the three-knob wired remote (included)
  • Lightweight and compact design for easy transport and use in applications where space is limited
  • Up to 4 hours run time on a single tank
  • 3-button LED display to access control-panel functions
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