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Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps Annual Subscription License (Business)

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1-Year Subscription License

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps - modernize how you secure your apps, protect your data, and elevate your app posture with software as a service (SaaS) security.

Moving to the cloud increases flexibility for employees and IT teams. However, it also introduces new challenges and complexities for keeping your organization secure. To get the full benefit of cloud apps and services, an IT team must find the right balance of supporting access while protecting critical data.

This is where a Cloud Access Security Broker steps in to address the balance, adding safeguards to your organization's use of cloud services by enforcing your enterprise security policies. As the name suggests, CASBs act as a gatekeeper to broker access in real time between your enterprise users and cloud resources they use, wherever your users are located and whatever device they're using.

CASBs do this by discovering and providing visibility into Shadow IT and app use, monitoring user activities for anomalous behaviors, controlling access to your resources, providing the ability to classify and prevent sensitive information leak, protecting against malicious actors, and assessing the compliance of cloud services.

CASBs address security gaps in an organization's use of cloud services by providing granular visibility into and control over user activities and sensitive data. CASB coverage scope applies broadly across SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. For SaaS coverage, CASBs commonly work with the most popular content collaboration platforms (CCP), CRM systems, HR systems, Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, service desks, office productivity suites, and enterprise social networking sites. For IaaS and PaaS coverage, several CASBs govern the API-based usage of popular cloud service providers (CSP) and extend visibility and governance to applications running in these clouds.

Key benefits

Get full visibility of your SaaS app landscape and protect your apps with Defender for Cloud Apps.

  • Get full visibility of your SaaS apps. Discover, control, and configure apps to ensure employees are using trusted and compliant applications.
  • Protect the data in all your SaaS apps. Classify and protect sensitive information at rest, in use, and in motion. Enable your employees to safely access and view files in apps.
  • Control how apps interact with each other. Gain insight into privileges, permissions, and apps that are accessing sensitive data on behalf of another application.
  • Defend against advanced attacks using app signals. Defend against sophisticated attacks using app signals as part of your advanced hunting in Microsoft 365 Defender. The  scenario-based detections will enable your SOC to hunt across the entire kill chain.
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